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Dan Carter (NZL)

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Daniel Carter

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Aaron Cruden

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Q: Who is the best fly half in the world?
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Who is the best SA fly half?

Elton janjies

Is johan goosen the best sa fly half?


Do you have to be a fly half to kick a conversion?

no you don't. it depends who's the best.

Is Daniel Carter still the number one fly half in the world?

Of course after this great tri-nations season there is no doubt he is still "THE BEST FLYHALF IN THE WORLD". The greatest ALL BLACK SUPPORTER

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Who is the current most famous rugby player in the world?

Probably either Jonny Wilkinson (england world cup winning fly half that famously scored the winning drop goal against Auz in the final) or Dan Carter (the NZ fly half)

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yes,among the best fliers in the bird world.

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Who is the second best scrum half in the world?

Conor Murray (Ireland)

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