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The pitching mound serves a clear purpose, even if its origin is not clear. When the pitcher strides not only forward but slightly downward (away from the highest point of the mound) as the ball is released, more energy is transferred to the ball, and it attains a greater speed. In 1969, when the National League (this writer ignores that other league), lowered the height of the mound by five inches, the purpose was clear. Along with the simultaneous decrease in the size of the strike zone this rule change benefitted hitters at the expense of pitchers. Whether the league admits it or not, these moves were intended to make the game more exciting for those fans who liked to watch high-scoring games rather than the so-called "pitcher's duel". One may infer that the mound was instituted originally for the opposite purpose: to make things easier for the pitcher and harder for the hitter.

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Q: Why do you pitch from a mound and not from a flat surface?
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