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A kilometer is equal to 1000 meters. It is another measurement of length like meters and centimeters. Each meter is made of 100 centimeters, so a kilometer would be 100000 cm.

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Q: How big is a kilometer?
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Is a kilometer small or big?


Which measurement is big millimeater or kilomeater?

Kilometer is the longest 1 kilometer is 1 million millimeter

Is a kilometer big?

its smaaler than a mile by a little bit,and yes it is big.

How big is a kilometer in centimeters?

it is about the size of pencil led

How big is 1 kilmeter in meters?

1 kilometer is equal to 1000 meters.

Is a kilometer or a mile big?

A mile is bigger than a kilometre.

How big is Jupiter's diameter in kilometer?

The diameter of Jupiter is 142,984km.

How big is 120.000.000 cubic meters?

It's probably easier to imagine how big this volume is if you convert it to kilometers. Since one kilometer is 1000 meter, a cubic kilometer is 1 billion cubic meter. So 120 million cubic meter is 0.12 cubic kilometer or a 120 meters thick layer on an area of 1 square kilometer.

How big is Romania in kilometer squares?

The area of Romania is 238 391 km2.

How big is Uganda in kilometer?

236,040 km². You can search these things on Google anytime for free ;)

Are inches big them kilometers?

No, an inch is about 39 thousand times smaller than a kilometer!

How big is the McMurdo research station?

McMurdo Station covers about one square kilometer.