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Ontario and Quebec

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Q: In which two provinces do 50 percent of Canadians live?
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In which two provinces do most canadians live?

Most Canadians live in Ontario and Quebec. These two provinces are the most populous in Canada and are home to major cities such as Toronto and Montreal.

Is it true to say that almost two-thirds of Canadians live in the two central provinces of Ontario and Quebec?

Yes (True)

What percent of Canadians live in British Columbia?

In 2009 the census was 4,419,974 and two million reside in Metro Vancouver.

What percent of Canada's ten provinces begin with a consonant?

Eight out of Canada's ten provinces begin with a consonant, which represents 80% of the total. The only two provinces that start with a vowel are Ontario and Alberta.

Is it true that most Canadians live within two hundred miles of the Arctic Circle?


Most Canadians have what ancestors?

About 28 percent are from the British Isles. About 23 percent are of French origin. About 15 percent are of other European origin. Two percent are of Native American Indian origin. Six percent are of Arabic origin. The remaining 26 percent are of mixed origin or Asian or African origin.

Which two provinces are he flattest in pakistan?

Which two provinces of pakistan is flattest?

What are two provinces of Ireland?

Munster and Leinster are two of Ireland's four provinces.

Which two provinces of Canada have no seashore?

Alberta and Saskatchewan are the two Canadian provinces that have no coastline.

Most Canadians live in urban areas within how many miles of the US?

Most Canadians live in urban areas within 100 miles of the US border. This proximity facilitates trade, tourism, and cultural exchange between the two countries.

In 1900 how many provinces and territories were there?

In 1900 Canada had seven provinces and two territories. Two more provinces were created in 1905.

What are the two populated provinces?

The two most populated provinces are Ontario (first) and Quebec (second).