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Hypatia was the greatest female mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher of antiquity. While she didn't contribute much in the way of new mathematics, she and her father Theon revised, clarified, and preserved for us the works of Euclid, Apollonius, and others. To learn more about her, click on the link below.

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Q: What did Hypatia do for math?
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What was hypatia math discovery?

Any discoveries made by Hypatia did not survive.

How has hypatia contributed to math?

Unfortunately, none of Hypatia's works survived.

What did hypatia research?

Math & astronomy.

What works did hypatia do?

Astronomy & math.

What did hypatia do to save the math in Alexandria?

she saved math by telling people about it

What did Hypatia do with her students?

She taught them math & astronomy.

Who expanded the knowledge of math and astronomy?


What would math be without hypatia?

Sadly, none of her Hypatia's works survived. So, it cannot be said what math would be like without her contributions.

What was hypatias math field?

What type of education did Hypatia have?

What inventor used math to invent machines?


What are some major accomplishments of hypatia?

Astronomy & math.

What math did the mathematician Hypatia teach?

he taught maths :)