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Q: Sincos trigonometry equal
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What does sincos equal?


What does secant equal to in trigonometry?


Do you have a trivia about trigonometry?

This is an old one The squaw on the hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squaws on the other two hides. It is the only trigonometry joke punchline I know

What does tan equal in trigonometry?

Opposite side over Adjacent side, or sine/cosine

How is trigonometry used in land surveying?

Trigonometry is basically formula's to help you find out unknown sides and angles of a triangle. Surveying is measuring land. But as not all land is equal so these formula's are used to help.

Does sin squared x plus cos squared x equal 1?

Yes. 'sin2x + cos2x = 1' is one of the most basic identities in trigonometry.

How do archeologists use trigonometry?

Archaeologists use Trigonometry to divide up the excavation sites properly into equal areas of work. They can also use it to help them identify different tools used by the civilization are they are excavating. They can also use it to measure the distance from underground water systems near their dig site.

What science did Pythagoras make a contribution to?

It was in the science of trigonometry that Pythagoras' theorem states that for any right angle triangle that when its hypotenuse is squared that it is equal to the sum of its squared sides.

Problem in Trigonometry A man has a loan which he promised to pay in 18 equal monthly installments of P600 How much must he have paid in 8 mnths 12 mnths 15 mths and 10 mnths?

That's definitely not trigonometry. A trigonometry problem involves relations between angles and lengths. If the monthly payment is 600, it would seem that in 8 months (for example), you would simply have to multiply 8 x 600.

The domain for f x is all real numbers greater than or equal to?

This is a function. Functions are used in trigonometry and algebra equations. They are also used in calculus to find out a series of numbers.

What is the side opposite a 35 degree angle of a right triangle with a hypotenuse equal to 44.76 feet?

Using trigonometry it is 44.76*sin(35 degrees) = 25.673 feet to 3 decimal places

What is the third side having A is equal to 54 degree B is equal to 13 and C is equal to 9?

If you mean angle A is 54 degrees and side b is 13 and side c is 9 then by using the cosine rule in trigonometry side 'a' which is the 3rd side works out as 10.605 units rounded to three decimal places.

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