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Mechanics use trigonometry to find angles mostly used in body or chassis work.

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Q: What do mechanics use trigonometry for?
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What has the author Bewick Bridge written?

Bewick Bridge has written: 'A compendious treatise on the elements of plane trigonometry' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Plane Trigonometry 'A treatise on mechanics' -- subject(s): Mechanics

How do you use trigonometry in ap physic?

in AP Physics (whether B or C), trigonometry is used to find the components of vectors, model the mechanics of waves (both physical and electromagnetic) and oscillations, sum the strength of fields, and use dot and cross products.

How can trigonometry be useful in metallurgy?

how can trigonometry use in metallurgy

Which math used in mechanicl first year students?

A first year student would use mechanics, geometry, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, algebra, differential calculus, integral calculus.

How do astronomers use trigonometry?

One example of an astronomer's use of trigonometry is determining the distance to a star by triangulation.

Which branch of mathematics would be most helpful for Ned in order to calculate how long the sides of the roof should be?

Trigonometry, and mechanics for a start.

Do farmers use trigonometry?

Well, if Edward Cullen the bloodsucking vampire can use trigonometry. Then I am asuming farmers can as well.

Who invented trigonometry?

The first recorded use of trigonometry came from the Hellenistic mathematician Hipparchus

Can you use trigonometry when you build a bridge?

An architect who designs a bridge would use trigonometry, among other mathematical techniques.

Do engineers use trigonometry?


Do architects use trigonometry?

yes they do

Do astronomers use trigonometry?