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Get a thousand, just in case.

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Q: How many 2 inch square tiles will it take to cover a 3 foot by 9 foot area?
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How many 4x4 tiles does it take to cover a 120 square foot area?

1080 will be your answer

How many tiles do you need to cover 13 square foot?

It depends on the size of the tiles and also, to some extent, on the shape of the area that you need to cover.

If a room is 400 square feet how many 2 foot by 2 foot tiles would it take to cover it?

A tile measuring 2 foot by two foot (which, incidentally, is an unusually large tile) has an area of 4 square feet, so it would take 100 such tiles to cover a 400 square foot floor.

How many 1 foot square tiles will be needed to cover a rectangular floor area that is 750 feet?

It should take about 825 1 foot square tiles to cover a floor with those dimensions. This assumes roughly a 10% waste factor.

How many 12 inch tiles to cover 30 square foot room?

12 inches = 1 foot Thus the tiles would be 1 foot square. You therefore need 30 to cover a 30 square foot room.

How many tiles to cover 44 foot area?

Depends on how big the tiles are.

How can you find tile area?

Multiply the length by the width. To find the minimum number of tiles to cover an area, divide the total area by the area of one tile. (This is straightforward when tiles are 1 foot square.)

How many 12 x 12 tiles do I buy for 98 square foot?

109 You need 98 tiles to cover the area and then 10% extra for waste.

How many 4 inch and times 4 inch ceramic tiles would it take to cover a 120 square foot area?

1,080 tiles exactly.

How many 2 foot tiles can cover 8640 square inches?

15 tiles exactly.

How many 12 x 12 tiles will it take to cover 1400 square feet?

If the tiles measure 12 inches square then the area of each tile is 1 sq foot. Therefore 1400 tiles are needed to cover an area of 1400 square feet. However, the actual dimensions of the area being tiled can affect the number of tiles required so closer examination is needed.

How many square feet do 118 1 x 1 tiles cover?

If the tiles are 1 x 1 FOOT, then they cover 118 square feet.If the tiles are 1 x 1 INCH, then they cover (118/144) = 0.8194 square foot (rounded)If the tiles are 1 x 1 METER, then they cover (118 x 3.280842) = 1,270.1 square feet (rounded)