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I did I did I did

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Q: Who were some famous teachers that Leonardo Fibonacci taught with?
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Why did Leonardo Fibonacci became famous?

Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician, who learned some of the 13th century mathematics used in Arab and Indian countries, and taught them to to European mathematicians. He now is probably most famous for having discovered the Fibonacci number sequence, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.whjegfqwiehgfqwhf

Who taught Cleopatra?

Famous teachers, priests, and philosophers taught Cleopatra.

When was Leonardo da Vinci taught by the priest?

No. Leonardo da vinci was taught by nature

Who taught Fibonacci?

he taught himself most of the things he came up with mostly on his trips with his father

How did Leonardo get interested in science?

He was curious and Andrea Del Verrechio,who taught Leonardo painting tequiniques,also taught human anatomy.

Who taught Leonardo da Vinci how to read and write?

It is not known who taught Leonardo Da Vinci how to read and write. Though since he spent the first five years of his life with his mother it's likely she taught him or found a teacher who taught him.

How did Quakers get educated?

Parents taught children or private teachers taught them.

What was the amount of Leonardo da Vinci education?

Leonardo did not go to school he was taught at his fathers household and from his village priest

What did Verrochio teach Leonardo da Vinci?

he taught him to draw, paint and sculpt

What type of work did teachers do in colonial times?

taught kids

Did Leonardo da vinci get an education?

No formal schooling, the village priest taught him the basics.

Who had taught Joe to write?

Joe was taught to write by various teachers over the years, starting with his parents and then continuing at school. He likely received instruction in writing from teachers in multiple grades and subjects.