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The invention of the Baseball bat cannot be credited to one person. At one time it was easy as picking up a stick and hitting a ball. The game of baseball evolved from a game called Rounders, and Cricket. early baseball bats were modeled after the bats used in theses sports.

By this time baseball changes in the rules were respnsible for changes in the design of baseball bats.

19th century bats were generally heavier and considerably thicker in the handle and had more of a gradual taper from the handle to the barrel about" 3 feet long, round, tapered and was to be between an inch and a half at the handle to three inches at the barrel. In 1857, the dimensions agreed upon were described as round, not to be more than two and one-half inches around in its thickest part and was to be no longer than 42 inches.

The National League made two major changes for 1885. It was now legal to have 18 inches of the handle wrapped in twine and one side of the bat was allowed to be flat. The American Association adopted this rule when they followed the same rules as the National League in 1887. In 1893, the bat was no longer allowed to be flat on one side but was required to be round. The length was still limited to 42 inches and the thickness of the thickest part was still two and on-half inches. The thickness of the bat was increased to two and three-quarters inches in 1895 and remains the same today

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Q: Who is responsible for the design of the baseball bat?
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