Is a soaring arrow a projectile?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Is a soaring arrow a projectile?
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What is Cupid 's projectile?


Did the bow and arrow originate from the spear?

The bow and arrow originates from the Atlatl, ( the first mechanical projectile weapon.

Is a arrow a wedge?

No, an arrow is not a wedge. An arrow is a projectile typically designed for shooting from a bow, while a wedge is a simple machine with a triangular shape used for splitting or forcing things apart.

What are the parts of a projectile kit?

A projectile kit typically includes a projectile (such as a bullet, pellet, or arrow), a launching device (such as a gun or bow), and accessories like scopes, targets, and ammunition. Additional components may vary depending on the specific type of projectile kit being discussed.

What is Arrow is to bow as - is to rifle?

to Bullet.

What gives an arrow shot horizontally from a bow its vertical movement?

Gravity pulls everything on earth down which gives an arrow that shoots horizontilly its vertical movements.

What is a arrow is it energy?

An arrow is a projectile weapon that is shot using a bow. It is not an energy source itself, but rather a physical object used for hunting, sport, or warfare. The energy to propel the arrow comes from the tension created in the bowstring when it is released.

What is an arrow?

An object that is used for killing animals, indians made them out of wood.

Why is archery a projectile motion?

Archery involves projecting an arrow with a bow, causing it to follow a curved path as it moves through the air due to gravity. This curved path is considered projectile motion because the arrow's motion can be broken down into horizontal and vertical components, with gravity affecting its vertical movement.

What are the odds of splitting another arrow with another arrow at 60 yards with a crossbow?

You cannot get specific odds from such a broad question. The arrow's/bolt's thickness, the shot consistency of the archer, the raw power of the bow and the projectile's genera quality will help make splitting an arrow more likely.

Does the mass of an arrow effect it's penetration power?

Yes, the mass of an arrow does affect its penetration power. A heavier arrow will typically penetrate deeper into a target compared to a lighter arrow, as it carries more momentum and kinetic energy. However, other factors such as arrow speed, arrowhead type, and bow draw weight also play a role in penetration power.

How can I find the maximum distance a bow can shoot a projectile based on the projectile's weight and draw weight of the bow?

What you really need to find out is how fast the projectile will leave the arrow. The projectile's MASS (not its weight) and the force with which the bow pushes it can help you calculate the acceleration (using Newton's Second Law), but that's really insufficient information - you also need to know for how long the bow pushes the projectile, using the given force.