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Q: What in the world is not related to mathematics?
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Who is the youngest mathematics didactics professor in the world?

Mr Andreas Ryve of Mälardalen University, Västerås and Eskilstuna, Sweden, is the youngest professor in mathematics didactics in the world. See the related link for more information.

How maths is related to hospitals?

mathematics is related to hospitals such that in altrasounds and also in many instuments without mathematics we cannot do any calculations and without mathematics we cannot survive in hospitals

How is physics related to logic and mathematics?

Physics is a manifestation of the mathematics and logic of nature.

How mathematics is related to co scholastic subjects?

Mathematics is a fundamental school subject

How mathematics is essential in today's world?

how mathematics is important in today's world

How is related economics to mathematics?

Economics is related to mathematics directly. There are so many calculations and computations that are done as a way of measuring the economy.

How would you put mathematics in a sentence?

Mathematics is the study of numbers, quantities, and shapes, related to logic and problem-solving.

How is mathematics related to maths?

They are the same thing.

How is the Statue of Liberty related to math?

It's not related to mathematics in any context

What is pure math?

Pure Mathematics is the branch of mathematics that deals only with mathematics and how it works - it is the HOW of mathematics. It is abstracted from the real world and provides the "tool box" of mathematics; it includes things like calculus. Applied mathematics is the branch of mathematics which applies the techniques of Pure Mathematics to the real world - it is the WHERE of mathematics; it includes things like mechanics. Pure Mathematics teaches you HOW to integrate, Applied mathematics teaches you WHERE to use integration.

What mathematics is used in finances?

Management accounting uses lots of 'discrete mathematics'. Financial markets & related jobs use a lot of economics based mathematics. Look for any book on 'financial mathematics'.

Who is the best mathematics in the world?

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