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The two items are in different conditions, which are indicated by the CND bar in the bottom left corner of the screen when you have that weapon equipped. to increase the condition of the weapons, you can either use on to repair the other by bringing up your Pip-Boy and pressing Y on the weapon that you want to repair and clicking on the weapon below it when the repair menu opens up, or you can go to a character that repairs items like Moira Brown and have them repair the item for caps.

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Q: Why do you have two damage values for same weapon on Fallout 3?
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The best ac weapon in AQWorlds?

All weapons are the same damage if u do some math.

Which is the best weapon in aq world for non members?

The is no the "strongest" weapon in AQ world. Every weapon has the same average damage when they are in the same level. For example, if you enhance a default sword to lv 5 then you enhance Wicked Blade ( from the black Knight)lv 5 also, they have the same average damage but the piston driven polearm has 12-140 attackish the best is the grad inqustiors mace

How do you make your weopons in Fallout New Vegas have better condition?

You can repair them by combining them with another one of the same weapon. The exact amount added to the original's condition is determined by your repair skill. When you look at the weapon in your inventory, you can press R to repair/maintain it (repair is for when the weapon's condition is low enough to affect the stats, maintain is for while it's still above that threshold) as long as you've got another of the same weapon.

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1. go to the necropolis war 2.keep fighting the undead until you get the perfect spectrus sword/staff/dagger that's it this weapon does 50-66 darkness damage but you have to be level 37 to use it hope this helps.

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i would have to say no.... i have never played it but i have played fallout 3 so i guess they would have to be the same in some ways

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Skyrim was developed by the same team that created Fallout 3 and Oblivion before that. The Fallout series was first developed by Interplay - they brought out Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics. Fallout 3 was developed by Bethesda, however, Fallout: New Vegas was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and published by Bethesda.

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