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Assuming that you mean a 12 feet diameter circular pool to a depth of 1 foot...

the volume would be 'pi' r2 x 1ft = 3.142 x 6 x 6 x 1 = 113.112 ft3

which is 704.556 gallons (UK) x 4.54609 = 3,202.974986 litres In other words, approximately 3,200 litres.

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Q: How many liters does it take to fill a 12 foot paddling pool?
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How many liters does it take to fill 10500 square feet?

It depends on how high you would like to fill it. You see, a liter is a 3-dimensional measure of volume (like a cubic foot is), and a square foot is a 2-dimensional measure of area. So, for example, to fill an area of 10,500 square feet to a height of 1 foot, you would need 297,326.889 liters.

How many liters in one many cubic foot?

There are 28.3168 liters in 1 cubic foot. A cubic foot is used to measure the volume of a substance.

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How many liters in a square foot?

Zero. There are 28.3168466 liters in a cubicfoot.

How many liters of water are in 1 cubic foot?

1 cubic foot is about 28.32 liters.

One cubic foot is how many liters?

1 cubic foot is equal to about 28.3 (28.3168) liters.

72 liters fill how many cubic centimeters?

72 liters is 72,000cc

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How many liters are needed to fill a bath?

About 200 litres to fill a bath.

How many liters water in one cubic foot?

About 28.32 liters per cubic foot.

How many liters are in a cubic foot?

One cubic foot = 28.32 liters. A liter is always a cubic measurement, so that adjective in unnecessary. 1 cubic foot is 28.316846592 liters.

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566.337 liters.