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it depends how fast the swimmer is

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Q: How many seconds would it take one professional swimmer to swim all sides of a pool?
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How far can you swim in 45 seconds doing the dog paddle?

It would depend upon the speed of the swimmer, and whether the swimmer is actually a dog, or a human.

How much time should it take to swim one mile in a twenty yard pool?

The average time for a human to swim 100 yards would be close to 2 minutes. A good swimmer could swim this in 1 minute.

What is a good time for freestyle swimming for a man?

A good time depends on a lot of different things. Like how long the event is and how old you are. If you are thinking of only a 50 yard freestyle (down and back in 25 yard pool) a good time for a high school swimmer would be between 23 seconds-25 seconds. A great time is between 20 seconds- 22 seconds. If you are a college swimmer however a good time would be about 20-21 and a great time is around 18-20 (phelps does around a 16-17)

In the end of the race swimmer D is disqualified by the Judges then swimmer B finishes in which place?

If Swimmer B was second in the race and D was 1st and Disqualified Swimmer B would then win the race.

Will Justin Bieber date a swimmer?

Justin would date a swimmer if you could make him laugh.

What influenced Stephanie rice to become a swimmer?

she became a swimmer because when she was little her father was a unsucsessful swimmer she promised herself that she would complete his dream for him.

Has there ever been a professional sport player picked from the street?

no, not that i know of. I'm an athlete. it usually starts from joining a sport group. I'm a swimmer and i would recommend doing swimming.

If your ac unit comes on and off about every 90 seconds does that mean its low on freon?

That would be my guess. Take it to a professional.

What is greek word for fierce swimmer?

To say "fierce swimmer" in Greek it would be written out as Άγριος κολυμβητής. If you wanted to say this out loud it would be pronounced as Ágrios kolymvi̱tí̱s.

How long would it take you to swim across lake that is 900 meters if you swim at 1.5 m sec?

Time = Distance/Speed = 900/1.5 = 600 seconds = 10 minutes. You would have to be a pretty good club swimmer to maintain that speed for that distance.

How would you describe the killer whale to someone?

a powerful swimmer

Who is the fastest woman swimmer for 100 m freestyle?

It is Micheal Phelps.The world's fastest swimmer would have to be Michael Phelps because he holds 30 ( i think) world records in swimming.Breaking 37 world records, Michael Phelps is generally considered the greatest swimmer of all time.Currently (2009), France's Frederick Bousquet holds the 50m freestyle record at 20.94 seconds. Britta Steffen holds the women's 50m freestyle record at 23.73 seconds. Although Caleb Dressel has a 18.23 freestyle.Answer The fastest swimmer on earth is seamus sazuki on the japenise swim team. he has beat michale phelps in the 100 backstroke and won 15 gold medals.MagnussonMicheal Phelps is considered the best and fastest swimmer of all swimming records. But this is not yet a fact.Currently (2009-2010), France's Frederick Bousquet holds the 50m freestyle record at 20.94 seconds. Britta Steffen holds the women's 50m freestyle record at 23.73 seconds.