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These are the instructions for backwashing a sand filter

(1) stop the pool filter if it is going

(2) empty out the leaf basket and the Hair filter so that there is no obstruction before the pump.

(3)Turn the lever on the top of the sand filter from the filter position to the backwash position, usually in the opposite direction. You will note a clear bubble some where near the multi port control on the top of the sand filter, keep an eye on this once the backwash has started

(4) switch the pump on. You will note water rushing around in the clear bubble. at firs the water will be clean then it will turn dirty when it clears up again let it run for another minute or so then turn of the pump.

(5) now turn the lever on the top of the sand filter to rinse. once again you will notice the bubble get a title cloudy when it is clear let it run another 30 seconds and turn the pump of again.

(6) Now turn the lever on top of the sand filter back to its original position which should be filter. and its all done.

Some systems do not have the observation bubble. with these if you can see the backwash water go to waste keep an eye on it instead. or just wait til you loose about 100mm / 4" from the top of the pool.

there is a possibility of getting a little cloudy water coming back into the pool after this, don't worry about it it will soon settle down and it only indicates that the rinse wasn't quite long enough.

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Q: What are the step by step instructions for backwashing a pool?
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Where does the water come from when backwashing a pool filter?

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How much DE do you use after back washing?

It is recommended to add about 1-2 cups of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) per 10 square feet of filter area after backwashing your pool filter. Be sure to follow the specific instructions for your filter model and size when adding DE after backwashing.

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Why is it important to rinse a sand filter after backwashing?

Because dirt and small sand will pass through the filter the first time it is run after backwashing. By rinsing you are sending that debris, which could cloud your pool, out of the backwash port instead of back into the pool.

Do you need to rinse after backwashing pool?

Yes. if you don't you may end up with a cloud of dust being washed back into the pool.

After backwashing a pool do you need to add earth back to the filter immediately?

Yes, after backwashing a pool filter you should add diatomaceous earth (DE) back to the filter immediately if you have a DE filter. If you have a sand or cartridge filter, there is no need to add anything after backwashing.

What should the pressure gauge read during backwashing a pool filter?

Around 10 PSI if you have a 2 horsepower pump. It will vary, depending on the restrictions in the exit line. Pool Masters

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