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Between 11 PM and 4 AM, when it's not too crowded.

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Q: What is the best time for a 50 freestyle in swim ming in a meters pool?
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How many laps of the Olympic pool is the 400 meter freestyle?

The length of an Olympic pool is 50 meters. One lap is 100 meters so 400 meters would equal 4 laps.

How many laps in 25 yard pool equal one half mile?

Well, presuming that you equate a "lap" with "one length of the pool", a mile is 1760 yards, which means that you would have to swim 70.4 laps to swim a mile.Thus, a one-half mile is equal to 35.2 laps or, more practically speaking, 35 laps plus 5 more yards.However, in competitive swimming, the 1650 Yard Freestyle and 1500 Meter Freestyle races are colloquially referred to as "the mile."The 1650 Yard Freestyle is only swum in swim meets that take place in non-metric, 25 yard pools. (There is no 1500 Freestyle in meets taking place in these yard-denominated pools.) The 1650 Yard Freestyle is 66 laps. One half of that race is 825 yards, which is 33 laps.The 1500 Meter Freestyle is only swum in meets that take place in pools denominated in meters (pools of either 25 meters or 50 meters in length). (There is no 1650 Freestyle in meets taking place in these meters-denominated pools.) In at 25-meter pool, the 1500 Meter Freestyle is 60 laps, and one-half of it (750 meters) is 30 laps. In a 50 meter pool (i.e. an Olympic-sized pool), the 1500 Meter Freestyle is 30 laps, and one-half of it is 15 laps.

What is the 100 meter freestyle?

It is a swimming event where a swimmer starts from the blocks, and swims for 100 meters how ever they choose. The only rules are that they can not push/pull on the lane line/ pool wall and bottom and they can not interfere with other swimmers.

Who broke the womans 25m freestyle world record in swimming and what was their time?

You dont swim 25m at a competition. The 25m race is not an official race, as an Olympic pool is 50 meters long.

Best measure of olympic swimming pool?

25 yards by 50 meters

What is the swim?

Swimming is a type of stroke that can either be butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke or freestyle. There are meters that you have to swim too. Like, If you have a 25 meter pool that would mean that you would have to swim two laps to go there and back and that would be called 50 meter. If you wanna do 100 meters that's 4 laps. If you have a 50 meter pool, you just go one lap and that's 50 meters and if you were in a 25 meter pool it would be two laps but its a 50 meter pool. If you swim long distances like the 1500 freestyles or the 400 IM or even the 800 Freestyle you really want to take advantages of the walls, when you turn to do the other lap because you get one full breath that helps you for the underwater part. When you do the butterfly and you do the 400 IM you take advantage of your walls because that big full breath. 50 meters is good for short distances and not for long because you really want that breathe off the wall. And the 50 meter pool is good for 50 meters of freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke. All of the strokes. People say that the breaststroke is relaxing and calming but, it does get tireing

What is the men's 200 meter freestyle?

200m freestyle is an event over 8lengths of a 25 meter (normal size pool) or 4 lengths of a 50m pool (olympic size pool). It is an event that,unlike most people think, consists of JUST frontcrawl.

How deep is 150 meters in a pool?

A normal swimming pool is 25meters, an olympic pool is 50 meters.

What is a 200 yard freestyle?

A two-hundred yard freestyle is an event at a swim meet in which the swimmer will swim the freestyle stroke back and forth across a normal pool four times (twice across, twice back).

How many laps are there for a 200 meter dash?

A grand total of 8 laps or 16 lengths. Each person swims two lengths which is 50 yards. There are also 50 yards of each stroke in the following order: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, and freestyle. Each person swims 1 stroke for their entire 50.

How many lengths in a pool is equal to 1.5km?

For 25 meter pool; 40 lengths. Down and back is 50 meters. For 50 meter (olympic size); 20 lengths. Down and back is 100 meters.

How many meters are in an olympic swimming pool?

There are usually 50 meters in a Olympic sized swimming pool.