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It is best go go 26 foot as you will need room to work to install the pool. It is easier to back fill then to re dig once the wall is there. Trust me it's a pain!

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Q: What size liner would you buy when you dig out a 24 foot round above ground pool with 48 inch walls 1 foot deeper?
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How do you measure the height of a round above the ground pool for a beaded liner?

Pie times the radius squared

What kind of liner do you need for a 28' round above ground pool that has a non-centered 5' deep end?

I know that there are expandable liners that are available from online suppliers such as This particular company also has a custom pool liner service too.

28ft round above ground pool with a center depth of 6 ft you need to replace the liner and the pool person says you do not need an expandable liner He says the regular liner will work?

He is 100% wrong...your pool, being most likely a doughboy (really one of the few companies who still make a 28), needs a 70in liner or greater....

How much is the labor to replace a 24' round above ground pool liner?

It cost me $850 in the Springfield MO area plus the cost of the liner and materials. Thought that was pretty high myself.

what does it cost to replace liner in 27 foot round 48in deep beaded pool?

It nearly cost above hundred dollars to replace liner in 27 foot round 48in deep beaded pool

How much is my above ground swimming pool worth?

i have an estherr Williams pool 1988 still in good shape with everything new liner new carpet and cover how much can i get for it 27 round with all filter and chemicals linda thanks

What size to build cement floor for 14' round pool above the ground?

I used a sand base for our 20' round above ground pool. It's much easier to deal with after the pool is gone. Greener too.

How do you install a vinyl liner on an above-ground 24' round pool?

Welcome to my world, we have been struggling with a 24ft above ground that was never put in level. The easiet way we found was to buy a new liner, cost us $300, but it came out of the package really neatly, and there were no other holes in it ie strainer. WE I mean four of us, worked at getting the liner in place, I dont think one persone could ever do it alone. When we were happy with where it was sitting, we added a few inches of water, then worked out the excess wrinkles. Seems to be doing ok now. good luck

How many gallons are in a 18x54 above ground round pool?

An 18x54 above ground round pool typically holds around 7,646 gallons of water when filled to the recommended level.

Can you make an oval pool into a round pool.. Are the ground wall bar tracks the same that came with the oval to design a round from it?

Due to the differences in engineering and the parts involved, there really is no way to convert an oval above ground pool into a round pool.

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