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I think England is the only example of equality in World War II. That's why Winston Churchill can be so famous for doing a fraction of what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did. I think whoever had you ask this question really outdid themselves here, because there's probably nothing in history that had more IN-equality on so many levels of both good and evil then World War II. We discriminated in the armies, we put Japanese people in camps and seized all their property, worldwide people were imprisoning if not killing people simply because they didn't like or trust them. Simply. And that's why I bring up England.

Before World War II broke out, everyone made fun of England because of the way they appeased Hitler. What they don't understand is that in England's eyes, there was no invasion here. It was a matter of alot of people in a lot of countries who wanted to part of Germany. England was thinking hey -- we can make everyone happy here. Even our enemies so that maybe they'll become our friends. That's pretty gosh darn equality-minded.

And then when World War II DID break out? Who was the only European power who lasted more then a summer before making an official deal for their lives? England. They fought those Nazis for three years straight until D-Day, all by themselves. They took on essentially an ENTIRE LOOTED AND CONQUERED CONTINENT'S MIGHT!!! The Nazis were using all of Europe's resources against England and they STILL got their butts kicked. The ones most willing to show peace and equality through this whole the most damage....and inflicted the most damage back.

Face it, honey...England's not the UK. It's the DK. As in the Dark Knight.

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Q: What are some examples of equality in the World War 2?
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