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Q: 18 in its index form
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What is the singular form of index?

"index" is the singular form - "indices" is the plural :)

Which number can be written in index form as 2x3x5?

18 * * * * * No! 2*3*5 = 30

How do you spell index in plural form?

The plural form for the noun index is indexes.

What is 40.000000 in standard index form?

40.000000 in standard index form is 4.0 × 101

What is 8890 in standard index form?

8890 in standard index form = 8.89 × 103

What is the index form of numbers 9765625?

Index form of 9765625 is 9.765625 × 106

What is 5200 in standard index form?

5,200 in standard index form = 5.2 × 103

What is 450 as standard index form?

450 in standard index form = 4.5 × 102

What is the plural for index book?

Index books is the plural form.

What is 2.9 million in standard index form?

2.9 million in standard index form = 2.9 × 106

What is 250 written in index form?

250 written in index form = 2.5 × 102

What is the possessive of index?

The possessive form of the singular noun index is index's.

Are index form and standard form the same thing?

No. In the index form a number is expressed as a multiple of its prime factors whereas in the standard form it is expressed as a number between in the range [1, 10) multiplied by an integer power of 10. So, for example, 1728 in index form = 26*33 1728 in standard form = 1.728*103 The index form can only be used for integers.

Is index singular or plural?

The noun 'index' is the singular.The plural form can be indexes or indices .

Plural form of index?

The plural of index is indices or indexes, depending on context.

What is an Index of Work Satisfaction form?

An "Index of Work Satisfaction form" would be a form used in a survey intended to assess the satisfaction of a work force and to develop a numerical index to describe their aggregate level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

How do you express in index form?


The singular form of indices is?


What is 125 in index form?


What you 8x8 in index form?


What is psi form?

The PSI form is Parenting Stress Index

What is 1250 in standard index form?

1250 in standard index form = 1.25 × 103

How do you write 6x6x6x6 using maths index notation?

In index form, that would be 64

Full form of sensex?

sensitive index

What is the full form of sensex?

sensitive index

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