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1 katha = approx 267.6 sq metres.

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Q: 1 katha how much sqmeter?
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How much land in 1 katha?

1 katha is 67 sq meters.

How much katha equals 1 bigha?

1 bigha=20 KATHA

How much katha in 1 acre?

18 katha is equivalent to 1 acre.

1 katha how much decimal?

Here we go....... 1 Bigha = 20 katha = 33 decimal 1 katha = 1.65 decimal

How much sqft in 1 katha land?

How much Sq.ft of land in 1 katha land in West Bengal

How much decimal in 1 katha?

howmuchdecimal in 1katha

How much dismal in 1 katha?

1.65 dismal

What is 1 sqmeter in sqft?

1 square metre = 10.76 square feet, approx.

How much sq ft in 1 katha in ranchi?

720 sq.ft.

How many square feet is one Katha in Gauhati?

1 katha=66.9 sq. metres 1 katha=720 sft

How much foot in 10katha?

1 Katha = 720 square feet 10 Katha = 720*10=7200 square feet.

How many square feets in 1 katha of land?

1 katha=20 lecha 1 lecha =144 sq ft so 1 katha =20*144 =2880 sq ft Hence 1 katha of land is 2880 square feet

How many square feet is one katha in gopalganj at bihar land?

1 Katha in to square feet

How much sqft in 1 katha land in guwahati?

1440 Sq. Ft

How many square feet is one katha in siwan at bihar land?

1 katha = 1520 sqft in siwan bihar

How many dismil in 1 katha in dist sheohar bihar?

71 decimal in katha

How many square feet in a cottah?

From the Wikipedia article for "Katha (unit)" (it seems that Cottah is an alternate spelling for Katha): "A Katha is approximately 720-square-foot (67 m2) or 1/20 of a bigha. It is still in use in much of Bangladesh and India"

How many square feet in 1 Katha?

In Bangladesh, one katha is 720 square feet.

How many square feet is one Katha in bihar at chhapra?

In Bihar, one Katha varies from seven hundred and fifty square feet to about 2000 square feet. These units are usually used at Chapra.

How many sqfeet is one sqmeter?


How many chatak is one katha?

1 katha = 16 chatak

5 katha 14 chattak land convert into square feet?

1 katha = 720 sq ft 5 katha = 720*5 = 3600 sq ft 14 katha = 720*14 = 10080 sq ft

How many lochas make a bigha?

20 locha=5 katha; 5 katha= 1 bigha and so 100 locha= 1 bigha

How many square feet is one Katha in Muzaffarpur?

1 katha = 1760 sq. Feet.

How many decimal in one katha in madhubani bihar?

57 dismil in