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Not too sure of the question but using Pythagoras' theorem may help in finding the solution.

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Q: 2 non similar square pyramids have the same volume for the first pyramid the side length of the base is 5in and the height is of 42in what is the side length of the base of the second pyramid?
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How do the volume formulas for right prismsand pyramids differ?

Volume of a prism = cross-section area*length Volume of a pyramid = 1/3*base area*height

Where to find online calculation for the golden section pyramid?

PyramidGwill help you to calculate the parameters of the golden section pyramid by the desired height or the length of the base, the ratio of which will be the golden section. You can choose the length of the base of the pyramid or the height of the pyramid as the greater value.PyramidG for Cheops calculates the parameters of the pyramid, which base is the golden section of the Cheops pyramid. The calculation is made by the specified values ​​of the height or the length of the base of the pyramid.

What is the height and length of the Giza pyramid?

66m height (estimated). The length of each side of the base is about 755 feet.

What the length and height of the pyramid of Giza?

66m height (estimated). The length of each side of the base is about 755 feet.

What are the measurements of the red pyramid?

104x220 Height by Base length

Why is a rectangular pyramids not square pyramids?

The base is different. A rect. pyramid has a rectangle as a base. Because the sides are different length for a rectangle, the triangles will not all be congruent (equal). A square pyramid has a square as the base. All sides of the square are the same length, so all the triangular sides of the pyramid will be congruent.

How do you find the length of a pyramid when you know the height and slant height?

By using trigonometry or Pythagoras' theorem

Pyramid volume equation?

v= 1/2 * length * height * width Pyramid SolidSolving for volume:

How do you find lateral area of a square pyramid?

You need some information about the height of the pyramid and the formula will depend on whether you have the vertical height or the slant height or the length of a lateral edge.

What would the height be of a squarebased pyramid with a base length of 260m?


Volume of a rectangular pyramid?

volume=length x width x height so to figure out the answer you need to know the length,width, and height.

How do you find the Surface area of pyramids?

The surface area of a pyramid is the area of all the faces of the pyramid, for a pyramid with apex in the centre and a regular polygon as its base, (the bottom of a pyramid is the base, it is regular if all sides are the same length) the surface area is: B + 1/2(P * H) where B is the area of the base, P is the perimeter (area around) the base and H is the height of the pyramid.