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On sales of $4290 the person earns commission of 2.5% = 4290 x 2.5/100 = $107.25

Total gross pay for the month = 300 + 107.25 = $407.25

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Q: 300 dollars a month plus 2.5 percent commission What is her gross pay if she selss 4290.00 dollars?
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If you earn 200 dollars a week plus 15 percent commission on all sales over 1000 dollars and if the sells for one week are 2500 dollars what is the gross pay for that week?

575 dollars

If you earn a straight commission of 20 percent and you have sales of 2700 one day what is your gross pay?

2700 X .20 = 540 gross

What would your gross pay be if you earn a monthly salary of 2200 plus 3.5 percent commission on your sales of 5500?

2392.50 commission: 3.5% of 5500 = 3.5/100 × 5500 = 192.50 → gross pay = monthly_salary + commission = 2200.00 + 192.50 = 2392.50

What is the monthly gross pay if the basic is 2250 a month with 4.9 percent commission on 4828 in sales?


Gross pay for an annual salary of 29763 plus a commission of 6 percent on sales of 2500?


What country's Gross National product increased 12 percent to 140 billion dollars in 1968?


What is the average machinery sales commission I am a nonwovens machinery producer and I have reps in different countries that want to have contracts that are commission based.?

The commission can be based on a straight percentage of sales or on a percentage of the gross sales margin, according to RepHunter. For most commonly manufactured products, a manufacturer's agent's commission ranges between 7 and 15 percent, as of 2010, RepHunter reported. A commission based on a percentage of the gross sales margin is calculated by subtracting the direct expenses from sales. The standard range for a commission based on a percentage of the gross sales margin is between 20 and 40 percent. Service-based products command higher commissions, upwards of 50 percent of the gross sales margin, according to RepHunter. Krish ( The Fast, Accurate and Time Saving Calculator of Sales Commissions )

Calculate the gross pay for an annual salary of 29763 plus a commission of 6 percent on sales of 2500?

29,913 6% of 2500 is 150

Compute the gross pay for T J Yates whose annual salary is 33562 with a 6.2 percent commission on a total of 400 in sales?


Are sales commission checks taxed?

All gross worldwide income is reported on your 1040 income tax return and subject to income tax at your marginal tax rate. Does the issuer of the commission checks withhold any amount from the gross commission before the NET commission take home paycheck is issued to you. Are is the commission check made out for the gross amount of the commission and how will this commission amount be reported to you and the IRS at the end of the year. Will the amount be included on your W-2 form in the box 1 Gross wages, salaries, tips, etc. Or will you and the IRS be receiving a 1099-MISC for the gross commission amount.

What is the gross pay for an annual salary of 45723 with a 4.5 percent commission on one sale of 900?

$45,763.50 4.5% commission on $900.00 = 0.045 x 900 = $40.50 William receives his commission of $40.50 PLUS his base pay of $45,723.00. = $40.50 + $45,723.00 = $45,763.50

What is the gross monthly pay if there is a basic of 1300 per month plus a 2.5 percent commission on 4290 worth of sales?

1407.25 BECAUSE 2.5% commission on $4290.00 sales = 0.025 x $4290.00 = $107.25 Giving $107.25 commission PLUS $1300.00 salary = $107.25 + $1300.00 = $1407.25

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