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I substituted in a 6th grade class today and we did a worksheet of these brainteasers. We came up with 32 Teeth in an Adult.

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Q: 32t in a
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What is (2t) to the fifth power?

It is 32t^5.

What is 32T for a AH?

32 teeth for an adult human

Solve t-2t-3t equals 32 if t equals 8?

t - 2t - 3t = 32t - 5t = 32-4t = 32t = -8According to the information given in the question, t can't equal 8.

What is the velocity of a rock with formula v equals 32t?

You need t to find the value.

32T in an A?

I substituted in a 6th grade class today and we did a worksheet of these brainteasers. We came up with 32 Teeth in an Adult.

Answer for -16t plus 32t?

Negative sixteen plus thirty two is 16. When a number is negative, subtract the negative number from the positive one to find the answer.

Is a 25t sprocket better than 32t?

That's like asking if a size 10 shoe is better than a size 11. You need one that fits, that's all, what size it is isn't that important. I'm assuming here that you are talking about a BMX, and the sprocket by the pedals, and that you're planning to keep the "driver"/rear sprocket. If you feel that you're too slow off the start, then going from 32T to 25T will make you quicker to get going. The downside is that with the 25T you will lose a bit of top speed on account of not being able to spin the pedals any faster. If you think you'rfe doing OK from standstill, then replacing the sprocket will make you slower w/o anything good to trade for it.

A 32 foot extension ladder is leaning against a building making an angle of elevation of 80 degrees how high up the side of the building does the ladder extend?


Verde eon which has a 32t sprocket if you wanted to buy a smaller sprocket 25t what else do you have to buy?

if you are looking for a 25t sprocket then you need a 9t rear driver other wise it going to feel like you a pedaling forever and not going anywhere there are websites or just look online for proper bmx gearing ratio's also you may need spacers for your cranks

What is 5 Celsius in Fahrenheit?

C = ( F - 32 ) x 5/9Where F is degrees Fahrenheit and C degrees CelsiusOr,F = 32 + C x 9/5Accordingly,5 degrees Celsius = 32 + 5 x 9/5 = 41 degrees Fahrenheit

What is 14 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?

14°C is about 57.2°FStart by taking the number in Celsius and multiply it by 9. Then divide that number by 5, and then add 32. This is how you convert Celsius to Fahrenheit or use the equation F = (9/5)C + 32In this case, the answer is about 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit.57.2 F

With what initial velocity must an object be thrown upward from ground level to reach the top of the Washington monument approximately 550 feet?

Ignoring resistance, integrate a(t)=-32 ft/sec2. Should get V(t)=-32t+C1 The initial Velocity is the velocity of the object at time t=0. If we plug t=0 into V(t) the result is V(0)=C1 which is what we want to find. We will need to integrate a second time to find the position function x(t). The result should be x(t)=-16t2+C1t+C2. We are given an inital position of zero since the object is thrown from the ground, therefore, x(0)=0 which implies C2=0. So our position function is x(t)=-16t2+C1t. We want to know C1 when x(t)=550. This gives the resulting equation 550=-16t2+C1t. Now the original question asked the initial velocity needed to reach a height of 550. Since we are not concerned about throwing it higher than 550 ft we can assume that we are looking for the highest point or maximum height the object will reach. The max value of a quadratic function occurs at its vertex when leading coeff. is negative. In Calculus we say this point is when the functions "slope" or derivative is equal to zero. So set x(t)'s derivative (which is V(t)) equal to zero. You should now have 0=-32t+C1. This equation is true when t=C1/32. This is the time when the function is at its maximum. We still need to find C1 so plug your expression for t into 550=-16t2+C1t. Skipping a couple algebra steps you should get to 550=(-C12+2C12)/64 which gives C12=35200 and C1=187.6. Which we already showed was equal to the initial Velocity. ... integration haha its easy you go acceleration<--->velocity<--->distance or height having in mind 32 and 550 you have: -16t2+ 550 solve for t and you get 5.86 rounding then you plug in 5.86 into -16(5.86)2+ v(5.86) and you get 187.617 rounding

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