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15.8% decrease.

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Q: 38 to 32 find the percent decrease to the tenths place?
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Find the percent of decrease 140 to 84?

40% decrease

Find the percent decrease if 120 is decreased to 100?

120 decreased to 100 is a decrease of 16.67%

Find the percent of change from 60 to 42?

30% decrease.

Find the percent of change and state whether it was a percent of increase (I) or percent of decrease (D).from 289 to 762?

The answer is 164% I.

How do you find the digit in the tenths place is a prime number that is less than the digit in the hundredths place?

If it is prime, it could be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 in the tenths place

Find the percent of change of original 63 new 57.25?

This is a 9.127% decrease.

How do you find the percent decrease 37.33 27.07?

It is: (37.33-27.07)/27.07 times 100/1 = 40% decrease rounded

Identify the percent of change as an increase or a decrease. 120 meals to 52 meals Increase Decrease Question 2 Find the percent of change. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent if necessary.?

Identify the percent of change as an increase or a decrease.120 meals to 52 meals

How do you convert nine tenths into a percent?

first you find a common denominator then you multiply the top by the botom then the answer you get is your precent

How do you find percent of decrease?

1 minus the smaller number divided by the larger number.

Suppose the population of a certain city is 4794 thousand It is expected to decrease to 3987 thousand in 50 years Find the percent decrease?

The population change is a 16.8% decrease.

How do you find percent of change as a decrease?

Whether the change is an increase or decrease . . . -- Divide the new number by the original number. -- Multiply the result by 100. -- Subtract 100. -- Now you have the percent of change.

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