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Q: 5 negative influences on one's sense of self?
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Which of the factors influences ones sense of self?

Social environmentYour own personal "internal promoter or critic"

How do you describe the positive and negative influences on one's sense of self?

Positive influences on one's sense of self include encouraging words, especially those given in times when one might feel emotionally low. Also, not attacking the person if they do something that was wrong. For example, if a child does something they should not, do not say "You are a bad child." Instead, say, "What you did was not right." Constructive criticism in which the person is not attacked is a positive influence. Praising accomplishments, saying encouraging things when a person is doing a difficult project, etc. are also positive influences on a person's self. Negative influences include saying negative things that attack the person, like "You are really stupid," "Don't you know how to do that? I could do it years ago," "You are dumb," "I know that is not something you can do," etc. Negative influences go beyond words. A look of disgust, laughing at a mistake, making fun of a person in any way, etc. are negative influences. Basically, anything said or done to encourage and build a person up is a positive influence, and anything said or done that discourages or makes a person have negative feelings about him or herself is a negative influence on one's sense of self. There are other factors that can have positive or negative effects on one's sense of self. One of those is a person's economic status. People who are economically well-off usually find having a good sense of self is easier than those who are poor. Having parents who have healthy senses of self can also be a factor. People with good self-images usually find it easier to instill that into their children.

What are the five perceptual influences?

Culture, sex and gender, physical factors, technology, and our sense of self are the five perceptual influences.

What is a component of ones sense of self?

To be happy

What should be maintained to enhance ones sense of self?

Self Respect.Attitude.

Which category does level of trust and respect for teachers influences your sense of self?

Connection And Belonging. :)

Tutoring younger students influences your sense of self and belongs in what influence categories?

Meaningful activities

What will Spending a lot of time with a person who is a pessimist might have a negative influence?

sense of self

What is self esteam?

Self-esteem is ones ability to take on a situation with pride and confidence as oppose to meek and caution. It often times is referred to ones reflection upon themselves; Positive or Negative.

What factors could influence ones sense of self?

Meaningful activities social environment connectionss with others

What does erogant mean?

The word is spelled as arrogant and it is an adjective which means to have an inflated or exaggerated sense of self or ones abilities.

What are the 4 influences of self-esteem and self-awareness?

Friends Sadness