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Q: 5a plus d - bc equals a equals 5 b equals 7 c equals 2 d equals 4 what is the correct answer?
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If ab plus bc equals ac then ac equals ab plus bc?

yes because ab plus bc is ac

Ab plus bc equals bc plus ab what property is this?


If AD equals 55 and BC equals 8x plus 7 what is the value of x?

x = 0.125 ( BC - 7 )

If point C is between points A and B then AC plus CB .?

The real answer is Bc . Hate these @

Given ef is the midsegment of isosceles trapezoid abcd bc equals 17x ef equals 22.5x plus 9 and ad equals 30x plus 12 find ad?

Given ef is the midsegment of isosceles trapezoid abcd bc equals 17x ef equals 22.5x plus 9 and ad equals 30x plus 12 find ad?

A plus BA plus C equals A plus BC?

There are numerous solutions to the formula A + BA + C = A + BC, some of them are: * (0,1,1) * (5,2,10) * (4,5,5) * (7,8,8) * (3,4,4) * (6,3,9)

What kind of reaction is A plus BC รฆ B plus AC?

associative? single replacement

What would a triangle look like if ab plus ac equals bc?

It would be a straight line of length bc

What does 1 plus 1 equals 69 mean?

It does bc 69 is awesome

What is the simplified solution to BC plus 0 equals f?

f = B x C

If we know that AB plus BC equals AC then what would be a conclusion?

You could conclude that B lies between A and C.

If AD equals 3x plus 5 AB equals 7x-3 and BC equals 8x-10 what is the value of x?

That depends on the value of CD and the perimeter of the quadrilateral out lined in the question

What type of reaction is 2Na plus 2H2O equals 2NaOH plus H2?

Single displacement reactions follow the form A + BC equals AC + B. Because the sodium and the hydrogen switch places, this reaction is considered single displacement.

What is the following redox reaction classifed as Mg plus 2AgNO3 equals MgNO32 plus 2Ag?

This is a 'Sngle Displacement' reaction ( A + BC --> AC + B

In parallelogram ABCD AB equals 12 BC equals 16 plus 2x what is x?

Anything you like (as long as it is > -16 so that BC > 0). In a parallelogram, adjacent sides do not impose any restrictions on one another.

1 plus x equals b c plus x equals d d plus x equals 89 b plus x equals c d equals?

1+x=dd+x so dd=1 so d=1 1+x=89b+x so 89b=1 so b=1/89 bc+x=1+x so bc=1 so c=1/(1/89) = 89 so cd=89 (and x=88)

Which if the following is a factor b squared plus bc munus 2c squared equals?

(b + 2c)(b - c)

What does AB plus BC equals AC mean?

If point b is in between points a and c, then ab +bc= ac by the segment addition postulate...dont know if that was what you were looking for... but that is how i percieved that qustion.

Triangle abc is a right triangle if ac equals 7 and side bc equals 10 what is ther measure of side ab?

The square root of 149 (7 squared plus 10 squared equals 149).

What mathematical property is a plus bc bc plus a?

It is the property of commutativity.

What is BC' plus BC' simplified?

BC' + BC' = 2BC'

How is a plus b over a minus b equals c plus d over c minus d?

(a + b)/(a - b) = (c + d)/(c - d) cross multiply(a + b)(c - d) = (a - b)(c + d)ac - ad + bc - bd = ac + ad - bc - bd-ad + bc = -bc + ad-ad - ad = - bc - bc-2ad = -2bcad = bc that is the product of the means equals the product of the extremesa/b = b/c

Abcd similar rstv bc equals?

bc equals st multiplied by the scale factor.

Use Boolean algebra to simplify the logic function and realize the given function and minimized function using discrete gates. f equals ab c plus abc plus ac plus bc plus abC.?

Do you mean F = abc + abc + ac + bc + abc' ? *x+x = x F = abc + ac + bc + abc' *Rearranging F = abc + abc' + ab + bc *Factoring out ab F = ab(c+c') + ab + bc *x+x' = 1 F = ab + ab + bc *x+x = x F = bc

Bc equals 1 what is the value of ac?