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5s - 3 = 3s - 9

2s = -6

s = -3

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Q: 5s-3 equals 3s-9 what does s equal?
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-11 equals 18 plus s divided by 5 What does s equal?

s = -145

What does one third times s plus 6 equals 3n equal?

s = 9n - 18.

30 percent percent is equal to What is 1 equals percent s or 2 equals percents What does 13.5 percent percent equal Unanswered If 85 percent equals 62000 then what does 15 percent?

62000 x 3/17 = 10941.18

Does 15 15's equal 100 percent?

Fifteen fifteenths equals 100%.Fifteen fifteens equals 225 = 22500%

What does 4 equals 3 over 5s equal?

If: 4 = 3/5s Then: s = 3/20

What are the solution sets 4s2 plus 12s plus 9 equals 0?

The solutions are: s = -3/2 and s = -3/2 they have equal roots

An atom s mass number equals the number of?

Atoms mass is equal to sum of protons and neutrons. It does not include electrons.

What does 60 divided by 5 equal?


Do 1 hectometer equals 's 10 decameters?

Yes. 1 hectometre is equal to 100 metres, as is 10 decametres.

What does 2s-4 equal?

2s-4 equals 2(s-2). You can find the answer by factoring two out of both numbers.

Find s when t equals 10 if s is inversely proportional to t and s equals 100 when t equals 5?


If s is directly proportional to t and s equals 40 when t equals 15 find t when s equals 64?

s is directly proportional to t

What is 8 equals S on a S S?


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Slaves were mistreated because they were not viewed as equals to white people. It was not until the 1960's that they began to see equal treatment.

What equals 60 by 3's?

20 times 3 equals 60

When solving S equals a plus 2b for a you get a equals S - 2b?


Negative eleven equals eighteen s over five What does s equal?

-11 = 18s/5 Multiply both sides by 5: -55 = 18s Divide both sides by 18: -55/18 = s ie s = -3.055...

What is Velocity divided by time equals what?

Well, V=s/tso, V/t = (s/t)/tor V/t = s/t * 1/tso, V/t= s/(t^2). It is equal to acceleration.

What is the average speed of the object from t equals 0 s to t equals 3 s?

3 m/s

D plus h plus g plus S plus b plus s plus d equals the 7 d?

Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey equal[s] the 7 dwarves.

If acceleration equals zero does velocity equal zero?

No.Any body traveling at a steady speed is experiencing velocity without experiencing acceleration. So a for particle traveling steadily at 3m/s, velocity equals 3 m/s, but as long as it travels steadily at this rate, acceleration is 0.

16.4ft is equal to how many meter?

16.4 Feet = 4.99872 Metre(s)or do you mean 16 foot 4 inches whic equals16 Feet = 4.8768 Metre(s)4 Inch(s) = 0.1016 Metre(s)equalling 4.9928 metres

8 equals S for J in S?

This is a Diltoid puzzle. The answer is "8 equals Score for J (as in the letter) in Scrabble"

500 equals S in a R?

500 equals: Sheets in a ream.

60 equals S in a M?

60 equals seconds in a minute