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Well, V=s/t

so, V/t = (s/t)/t

or V/t = s/t * 1/t

so, V/t= s/(t^2). It is equal to acceleration.

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Q: What is Velocity divided by time equals what?
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Velocity divided by the time interval equals?

Change in velocity divided by time is acceleration, but velocity divided by time has no particular significance.

Is distance divided by time equals equals to velocity?

Yes, V (velocity) = d (distance) divided by t (time).

What does velocity divided by the time interval equal?

It equals an undefined entity. The average acceleration of an object equals the CHANGE in velocity divided by the time interval. The term "change in velocity" is not the same as the term "velocity", "average velocity", or "instantaneous velocity".

How do you find acceleration with given velocity and time?

Time equals velocity divided by acceleration. t=v/a

What is accelaraton?

Is a change in velocity (increase/decrease). It also equals; final velocity-initial velocity divided by time

Is accleration equal to velocity divided by time?

Yes acceleration equals velocity divided by time i.e a=v/t and it's S.I unit is m/s2

How do you find velocity with charge and joule?

The formula to find velocity is: V = D. (VELOCITY equals distance divided by time) T

What equation can you use to find acceleration?

Acceleration equals the change in the velocity divided by time. The change in the velocity is found by subtracting the initial velocity from the final velocity. It is written as "a equals delta v over t."

What is the total distance divided by the total time called?

The total distance divided by the total time equals the "Average speed" during that time.

What is the homogeneity of v2 equals u2 plus 2as?

Each term in the equation has dimensions of velocity-squared (remember "a" here is acceleration which is velocity divided by time, so "as" is velocity x distance / time = velocity squared).

What equals momentum divided by velocity?

That's mass .

What is the formula of getting the velocity?

Velocity is equal to distance traveled divided by the time it took to travel. v = d / t Velocity also equals the initial velocity plus the acceleration times time. v = v1 + a(t)