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There is no definitive answer for an estimation, so you could come up with something around 35000. The actual product is 35061.....

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I've done that problem before and it's true!
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Q: 87x403 estimate each product
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How estimate each product?


Estimate each product by finding the range 28x87?


Estimate each product: 9x47?

estimated around 5,000

Estimate each product by finding a range 28X87?


What does it mean when in says estimate each product or quotient?

I think it means to do the work and then estimate it. But it could also be estimate the divisor and dividend and then do the work after those two numbers are estimated.

Estimate each product by finding a range 28 x 87?

25x80 < 28x87 < 30x90 --> 2000 < 28x87 < 2700?

What does find each product mean?

find each product

Round each factor with nearest 10 estimate the product also means like 63 45?

60 x 50 = 3000

How do you estimate the product of 3.14 and 5.125 by rounding each number to the nearest whole number before multiplying?

3 x 5 = 15

What happens when you subtract each product from the next larger product?

if you subtract each product from the next larger product you will end up with a wrong answer

How you would estimate the product of greater numbers in the operations 6893 x 556?

In your example, the easiest way to estimate the product would be to round each factor to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000 or whatever the factors are. So, for 6,893 * 556, round to 7,000 * 600 to get an estimate. Since both numbers are rounded up, you know your estimate will be high, but this is an easy way to get a close answer. To be specific here, 7,000 and 600 would be multiplied to get 4,200,000. You multiply the first digits together, and then add the total number of zeroes in each rounded number to your answer.

What is 46.78-18.55 and estimate each sum or difference?

46.78-18.55 and estimate each sum or difference = 28.23

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