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That's 4/pi desserts per radian. What a lovely serving suggestion !

2013-07-02 22:32:17
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How fast is mach 0.8 or 272.23 meters per second in RPM?

It would depend on the size of the circular item you are rotating. Divide the circumference of the item ( in meters) into 272.23, and then multiply the answer by 60 seconds, to get rpm.

How is that circular movement different in different parts of the ocean?

The circular movement in different parts of the ocean differ in the direction that they are rotating. The reason for this difference is owed to various factors. Gravity, sea level, ocean deepness, and temperature are all factors that react differently to the rotation of the earth.

What is the difference between revolving and rotating?

revolving- When a planet moves around another in circular motion. rotating- When a planet spins on its axis

What is a circular device capable of rotating on its axis?

There are lots of device that rotate; one of them is a wheel.

The acceleration of a body cannot be zero at a point where?

When a body is rotating in a circular path around an axis.

A rotating wind turbine has a diameter of about 224 feet and its circumference is about 704 feet. A smaller model of the turbine has a circumference of about 25 feet. What will the diameter of the mod?

You need to divide the circumference by pi.

What is moving in a circular motion called on an axis?

Rotating (spinning) on an axis is what Earth's rotation does in creating day and night.

A rotating wind turbine has a diameter of about 185 feet and its circumference is about 580 feet A smaller model has a circumference of about 10 feet What will the diameter of the model be?

The diameter of the model would definitely be 3.19 feet.

Is the earth having rotational and circular motions?

The earth will have both rotational and circular motions. Rotational motion because of the earth rotating about its own axis(axis joining the line north and south poles). Circular motion because of moving around the sun.

Does circular motion occurs only occures only on earth?

No, there are circular movements just about anywhere: planets, moons and stars rotating, planets orbiting their stars, moons orbiting their planets, and stars orbiting their galaxies, often in orbits that are fairly circular, etc.

How is a motor different from a generator and how is a generator different then a mot or?

A motor takes electricity and creates rotating motion. A generator takes rotating motion and turns it into electricity.

When does a uniform circular occur?

I assume you mean "uniform circular motion". That means that:* An object moves in a circle, and * The speed, and therefore also the angular speed, is constant. As an example, this occurs in many machines that have rotating parts.

How fast is earth turning?

Earth has a circumference of 24000 miles. Since it rotates once per day it must be rotating at 1000 MPH.

What is a device that changes linear motion into circular motion?

A rack and pinion system is a simple mechanism which converts linear to circular motion. More complex systems such as the pistons of a car engine rotating the drive shaft are common.

What is a gyre?

1. a ring or circle. 2. a circular course or motion. Gyre is a large system in the ocean. The large system is rotating in the currents.

Why is the wheel and axle important?

It is used in our everyday lives. Many things can go in a circular motion. As long as the two objects are different sizes and when attached they end up rotating together. Some examples would be a pencil sharpener or ferris wheel.

What direction do plate tectonics move?

plate techtonics move in many directions, they move in the direction that the convectoin currents move which are in the mantle rotating in a circular motion

What is the linear speed of a bicycle that has wheels with a 2m circumference when its wheels rotate at 1 revolution per second?

2 meter circumference rotating 1 revolution per second produces a linear speedof 2 meters per second.The question can be slightly more exciting if you give the diameter of the wheel,or even its radius, instead of its circumference.

What is circular waveguide?

It is a waveguide that is circular. Circular waveguides have modes that are described in terms of Bessel functions instead of the sines/cosines used for rectangular waveguides. The disadvantage is that the two lowest modes have cutoff frequencies spaced by less than an octave. Circular waveguides are used for rotating joints, for example in radar. The H01 mode in circular waveguide was used as a low-loss mode for transmitting signals over distance, but this technique has been replaced by fibre-optic cables.

How can an object accelerate without changing its speed?

For a uniform circular motion speed is held constant,but there is always a change in the velocity of the rotating body and hence there is a net acceleration

How do you build a rotating platform?

Take a drill and dismantle it then get a circular piece of wood, cut a hole in the middle, and fasten the drill to it, mount it to a base and get a sufficient power source

What three-dimensional shape is formed by rotating a right triangle 360 degrees around one of its legs?

The result is a right cone

How fast is earth rotating?

The circumference of the earth at the equator is almost exactly 24,900 miles. It takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate on it axis so the earth is rotating at a little over 1,000 miles an hour (1037.5 miles per hour to be a bit more exact).

In bohrs model where are the electrons and protons located?

In his model, protons are located in the centre of the atom (in the nucleus) and electrons are rotating around the nucleus in fixed circular paths called orbits.

What is spinning storm?

Different types of storm rotate. A large-scale rotating storm may be called a cyclone. A violently rotating storm that is produced by a thunderstorm is a tornado.