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30 quarters equals $7.50

42 dimes equals $4.20

That adds up to 72 coins with a value of $11.70

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Q: A collection of dimes and quarters totals 72 coins Together the dimes and quarters are equal to 11.70 How many of each coin are in the collection?
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Ann has a collection of 30 old coins. 25 of the coins are quarters. How many quarters are in Ann's collection?


A collection of nickels and quarters is worth 1 25 There are 13 coins in all How many of each coin are there?

Ten (10) nickels and Three (3) quarters.

Eric has 240 coins in his collection 11 40 of the coins are pennies4 20 of the coins are nickels the rest of the coins are quarters how many of the coins are quarter explain how you found your answer?

11/40 x 240 = 66 pennies 4/20 x 240 = 48 nickels 66 + 48 = 114 non-quarters 240 = 114 = 126 quarters

How much is a collection of quarters starting from 1900 to 2010 worth?

Each coin in the collection would have to be graded and given a value. The most value is in the silver coins from 1900 to 1964. The coins from 1965 to 2010 would have to be very high grade Mint State coins to have any value.

A coin collection worth 2.15 consists of nickels dimes and quarters If there are 13 coins and twice as many nickels as dimes how many of each are there?

7 quarters 2 dimes 4 nickels

What is collection of coins called?

Collection of coins is called collection of cons only n there is no specific word for it. It is different from numismatics as numismatics is the systematic study of coins. Mere collection of coins cannot be called as numismatics.

Keoki has 22 coins that are all dimes and quarters. If their value is 4.35 how many dimes and quarters does Keoki have?

If Keoki has 14 quarters and 8 dimes (for a total of 22 coins), she has $3.50 and $0.80 or $4.30 in coins. If Keoki has 15 quarters and 7 dimes (for a total of 22 coins), she has $3.75 and $0.70 or $4.45 in coins. If Keoki has 22 coins that are all dimes and quarters and their value in total is $4.35 as asked, there isn't a combination of coins that will permit her to have both 22 coins and $4.35 worth of coins.

What is a collective noun for coins?

A collection of coins answer this this is the answer

You have 114 coins of value 63.75 in quarters and loonies how many quarters are there?

there are 67 quarters

How many quarters in a roll of coins?

40 Quaters are in a roll of quarters

What is the value of two quarters coins?

Two quarters = 50 cents.

What is a collection of coins from the 1800s worth?

It depends on the condition, dates, mintmarks and denominations of the coins in the collection.

You have 13 as many dimes as nickels and 3 more quarters than nickels. How many coins do your have if there are 17 coins all together?

This question cannot be answered.Assume there is1 nickel. There must be 3 more than that in quarters - that makes4 quarters and there are13 dimes---- that adds up to18

If you have 2 coins that totals 55 cents one is not a nickel. what are the to coins?

a half dollar and a nickel

John has a total of 13 coins in his pocket Of the 13 coins they are all either quarters or dimes The total value of the coins is 2.50 How many quarters does John have in his pocket?

8 of them.

Eric has 130 coins consisting of nickels and quarters. The coins' combined value is 15.90. How many are nickels and how many are quarters?

47 Quarters 83 Nickels

Alisha had 785 coins in her collection Alisha went to a coin show and sold 36 coins She bought 73 coins How many coins are in Alisha's collection now?

Alisha had 822 coins.

How can coins be collected?

You can start a collection of coins with the coins in your pocket. If you want old rare coins, you have to buy them.

What 5 coins can make 0.95?

The five coins are 3 quarters and 2 dimes.

How many 25 cents are in a roll?

A standard bank roll of quarters is $10, or forty coins.

In a group of quarters and nickels there are four more nickels than quarters How many nickels and quarters are there if the coins are worth 2.30?

7 quarters and 11 nickles

Whats the value of the 50 state quarter collection?

By the end of 2008, all of the original 50 States Quarters had been minted and released. The official total, according to the U.S. Mint, was 34,797,600,000 coins.This mintage data is just for the coins released for circulation, not the clad and silver proof coins. No matter how you look at it, that's a lot of quarters. Complete sets made up from coins taken from circulation will likely never increase in value.Sets of uncirculated coins are still in demand and do sell at an average price of $40.00.

If you have a total of 100 dimes and quarters the value of your coins together is 20 how many of each coin do you have?

Well, assuming you mean the value of the coins together is $20, and knowing that the value of a dime is $0.10 and that of a quarter is $0.25, then if we call the number of dimes 'd' and the number of quarters 'q', we can set up the following equations: d + q = 100 0.10d + 0.25q = 20 Then you can obtain the number of dimes and quarters by solving this series of linear equations.

What do you call the collection of coins?


How many Canadian quarters in a roll of coins?