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Two triangles

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Q: A diagonal will divide a quadrilateral into two of what figure?
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What are the maximum numbers of diagonal a quadrilateral can have?

Two of them

What quadrilateral has two lines of symmetry that are not diagonal?

A rectangle.

Is a quadrilateral a three dimensional figure?

no it is a 4 dimensional figure not a 3 dimensional figure * * * * * No. A quadrilateral is a two dimensional figure. It has a length and a breadth and no more.

Quadrilateral with one diagonal that divides it into two congruent equilateral triangles?


Is kites each diagonal divides the given quadrilateral into two congruent triangles?


What is a segment that joins two vertices of a quadrilateral but is not a side?

A diagonal --Algebra 2 Teacher

What is diagonal of quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is an object formed by four straight lines - two of which meet at an angle. A diagonal is one of the lines which go from one angle to the one other angle in the quadrilateral which it is not already connected to. If the angles of the quadrilateral are A, B, C and D, and A is connected by a straight line to B and D then the diagonal is a line between A and C. A--B | \ | D--C

Will diagonal of a trapezium divide it into two equal halves?

ya it will........

How many triangles are there in a quadrilateral?

You can divide a quadrilateral up into as many triangles as you want, but at least two.

What is a four sided figure that is a two-dimensional?

A quadrilateral.

What is a segment that connects two no consecutive vertices of a figure?

A diagonal

How can you used a triangle to prove quadrilateral is a parallelogram?

A quadrilateral, in general, is not a parallelogram. If it is a parallelogram then you will have some additional information about its sides and angles. If you do not have such information it is not possible to prove that it is a parallelogram. Draw a diagonal which will divide the quadrilateral into two triangles and use the additional information that you have to show that the triangles are congruent. This can then be used to show equality of sides or of angles: the latter can then be used to show that sides are parallel. Note that the choice of which diagonal may influence how (if at all) you proceed.

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