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56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50

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Q: A number has more than one tens the value of the tens digit is 50the ones digit in the number is less than 7what are the possible numbers?
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The prime factors of a two-digit number are 2 5 and 7what is the number?

As a product of its oprime factors: 2*5*7 = 70

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The sum of two numbers is 35 and their difference is 7What are the two numbers?

x+y=35 x-y=7 ______ 2x=42 x=21 21+y=35 y= 14 (14, 21)

If two sides of a triangle are 3 and 7what is the possible lengths for the third side of the triangle?

The last side length could be between 4 units and 10 units inclusive.

What is 16 minus 9?

7What is nine less than sixteen

Y equals 3 plus 7what does the mean?

y=3*+7.what does the * mean?

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When you divide a certain number by 13 the quotient is -18 and the remainder is 7what is the number?

-241 * * * * * Actually, the answer is 13*(-18) + 7 = -227 The remainder is ALWAYS positive. Thus -227/13 = (-234+7)/13 = -234/13 + 7/13 = -18 + 7/13

3k-5 equals 7k plus 7what is the value of k?


How could i get the answer from 7x7x7x...x7x7 contains exactly 50 factors of 7what is the ones digit in the product?

7, 49, 343, 2401 are the first 4 powers of 7. The 7 - 9 - 3 - 1 sequence repeats for each further 4 powers so 7 to the 48th will end in 1 and 7 to the 50th will end in 9.

What is the greatest common factor of 33 and 70?

It is 10.Think of it this way:30=3*10=3*2*5=2*3*570=7*10=7*2*5=2*5*7What they both have in common is 2 and 5.2*5= 10