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60 Dollars

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Q: A pair of shoes sells for 45 If the price was reduced by 25 percent what was the original price?
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A coat that sells for 85 dollars is reduced in price by 30 percent what is the new price?


After being discounted 20 percent a radio sells for 63.96. What is the original price?


A stereo sells for 200. but it is on sell for 15 percent off what is the sale price?

The sale price is $170.00

Keelah's clothing store buys coats for 50 and sells them for 80. what is the percent of markup on the price of the coat?

Keelah's clothing store buys coats for 50 and sells them for 80. what is the percent of markup on the price of the coat?

Is a sterio sells for 173.92 and its 12 percent off and the savings tax is 7 percent What is the total sales price?

The total sale price is $163.76

Help me with this problem a suit is reduced to sell for 48 dollars This price is 75 percent of the original price Find the original price Examples and Definitions please?

We know that the suit sells for $48 and that this is 75% of the original price. Therefore we need to find out what 100% is (as 100% represents the original price) if 75% is $48. To do this we divide the figure by 75 (as this will give us the value of 1%) and then multiply by 100 (as this will give us 100%). So, 48/75 * 100 = $64 We can quickly test this is right by multiplying 64 by 0.75 (which is the decimal value of 75%) to check we get back to 48. Indeed we do so we have solved this correctly.

A coat regularly sells for 59.00 It is on sale for 20 percent off What is the sale price of the coat?

The sale price is $47.20.

Martin wants to buy a skateboard that normally sells for 30.00 if the skateboard goes on sale for 18.00 what is the percent decrease in the price of the skateboard?

It's 40% off the original price. This is because of the following: $30 is 100% of the price, and $18 is "x" percent of the price, and they are proportional to each other. The equation is: 30/100=18/x *cross multiply* x(30)=18(100) x(30)=1800 x=1800/30 x=60 x is 60% of the original price. Therefore it is 40% off the original price. dollars?

Where can one purchase Sudafed at a discounted price?

Sudafed can be purchased from many online sites at a reduced or discounted price. Amazon is one online site that sells this product at a discounted price.

An item sells for 45 after a 20 percent discount find the original amount?

$56.25$45 is 80% of the original price45/.80=56.25

A television that normally sells for 459 is on sale at a 30 percent discount what is the sale price of the television?

The sale price is $321.30

Juhi sells a washing machine for Rs13500 .She losses 20 percent in the bargain .What was the price at which she bought it?


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