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A ray is a portion of a line that starts at a point and extends infinitely in one direction. It does not have an endpoint and continues indefinitely in that direction.

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Q: A ray is infinite in one direction.?
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Is a ray infinite in only one direction?

A ray is infinite in only one direction.

How do you construct the midpoint of a ray?

You cannot. A ray is infinite in one direction and so the midpoint would be infinitely far in that direction.

A ray is infinite in two directions.?

a ray only goes in one direction which is either left, right, up, or down

What are rays in angles?

A ray is part of a line which is finite in one direction, but infinite in the other.

How is a line segment and a ray alike?

A line segment is a portion of a line. It has length. It has two endpoints. A ray has only one endpoint. It has infinite length in one direction.

What is the infinite numbers of points extening indefinitely in opposite direction?

It is the opposite ray.

What you call end of ray?

The end would be called a point or an endpoint. It only has one end since it is infinite in the other direction.

What is an infinite portion of a line which has one endpoint?

A line with a single endpoint going infinitely in another direction is a ray. The symbol for a ray is → . It is named for its endpoint and any other point located on it.

How many different directions can a single ray of light travel in?

A ray of light can travel in any direction, so an infinite number.

Is it possible for one ray to be shorter in length than another?

Due to a ray extending infinitely in one direction, the length of a ray is always infinite. It's not possible for a ray to have any other length. If it did have a fixed length, it would be a line segment, not a ray.

How much does a ray measure in maths?

It has infinite length and zero measure in any other direction.

Infinite resistance in one direction of Diode?

After isolating the diode from the circuit, the diode shows infinite resistance in one direction and low resistance in the other direction. The diode