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To find the diagonal, use the Pythagorean theorem by drawing a diagonal through the square. You then have two sides that should equal the hypotenuse ( or diagonal). The equation should look like 8^2 + 8^2 = h^2. or 64+64= h.


take the square root of 128 and you have your answer.

the answer should be around 11.

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Q: A square measure 8 inches on each side Approximately how long is its diagonal?
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What is the diagonal measure of a rectangle 65 inches by 69 inches?

The square of the diagonal is (652+692)=8986 The diagonal is then the square root of 8986=94.79...

What is the diagonal of a 25 inch square?

Approximately 35.35 inches

What is the approximate length of the diagonal of a square that has a perimeter of 28 inches?

Approximately 10 inches.

The area of a kite is 27.28 square inches. One diagonal measures 8.8 inches. What is the measure of the other diagonal?


If a square has sides which are 2 inches how many inches is the length of the diagonal?

A square with 2-inch sides has a diagonal of: 2.828 inches.

What is the length crosswise of a 20 inch by 20 inch square?

The diagonal of a 20 inch square is the square root of 800 inches, approximately 28.284 inches, which is the sum of the squares of two sides.

A square has a diagonal which is 30 inches how long in inches is its side?

A square with a 30-inch diagonal measurement has sides of 21.21 inches in length.

What is the diagonal of a 101 inch square?

The diagonal of a 101 inch square is about 142.84 inches.

What is the length of the diagonal of a square if its area is ninety eight inches squared?

The diagonal is 14 inches.

How long is the diagonal of a square if each side is 12 inches long?

The diagonal is about 16.97 inches long.

What is the diagonal distance in inches of a square that is 94X96 inches?

94x96 is not a correct measurement of a square.

What is the diagonal of a 366 inch by 366 inch square?

The diagonal is 517.602 inches.