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The distance 80 meters divided by the time 40 seconds = 2 meters/second

(*This is roughly 4.47 mph)

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Q: A swimmer swims 80 meters in 40 seconds What is the swimmer's average speed?
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What is the time for an average swimmer to swim 1500 meters?

The answer is 15.2 seconds.

How fast can a swimmer go?

a swimmer should be a able to go 25 meters/yards (1 lap) in less than 30 seconds. although most competitive swimmers do it in 15-20 seconds.

What is the average speed to swim 25 meters?

With a dive a good club swimmer can swim 25 meters in around 10 - 11 seconds. An average swimmer should bbe able to swim 25 meters in around 20 seconds

How long should it take the average swimmer to do 50 meters?

i swim a fair bit. an average swimmer will swim 50 metres in about 1 and a half minutes breastroke. maybe 10 seconds faster if front crawl

A swimmer swims 125 meters in 526 seconds How many meters per second is the swimmer swimming?

4.208 Mp/s Do 526/125.

What is swimmers pace 3.65 miles per hour?

61.29 seconds per 100 meters.

What is swimmers pace at 3.25 miles per hour?

68.83 seconds per 100 meters.

What is swimmers pace at 3.84 miles per hour?

58.25 seconds per 100 meters.

What is the average time for a 10 year old girl to do 50 meters breast stroke?

The average time for a reasonable swimmer aged 10 years for 50 meters breastroke is around 55 seconds. Breastroke is a very technical stroke and therefore harder to master properly and efficiently.

What is the fastest 25 meters swim time?

I got 13 seconds! Beat that people! I a a swimmer and no one can take that away from me!

If a man runs 200 meters in 25 seconds what is average speed?

Average speed = 200 meters per 25 seconds It can also be written as 8 meters per second

Average speed of a rocket?

1,100 meters/seconds

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