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what is the average speed 34 meters in 10 seconds

Average speed is calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the time it took to travel it. In this case, divide 34 meters by 10 seconds to get 3.4 m/s.

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184 yards in 3 minutes 4 seconds

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Q: What is the average speed of 34 meters in 10 seconds?
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If distance is 50 meters and time is 5 seconds what is the speed?

If an object moves 50 meters in 5 seconds, its average speed is 50/5 = 10 meters per second.

If you ran 10 meters in 20 seconds what's your average speed?

that's pretty fast

If you run 100metres in 10 seconds what is the average speed?

100 meters / 10 seconds = 10 m/s [meters per second] (average) or almost 394 inches per second or 1968 feet per minute ...

What is the average speed for someone who walks 10 m in 2 seconds?

Average speed = 10 meters per 2 seconds.Other ways of stating it:-- 5 meters per second-- 18 kilometers per hour

A car travels 40 meters in 10 seconds Which is its speed?

40 meters/10 seconds = 4 meters per second.

300m in 10 minutes equals the average speed ms?

You need to convert the minutes to seconds. Then, simply divide the distance (meters) by the time in seconds.

What is the average speed of a runner who completes a 1500 meter race in 4 minutes 10 seconds?

About 365.5 meters a minute.

A car travels 20 meters to 60 meters in 10 seconds Calculate the cars speed?

If a car travels 200 meters in 10 seconds what is the speed of the car

How do you calculate the average speed without knowing the speed only the time?

To calculate the average speed of /anything/ you need to know the distance it traveled (IE: 500 meters) and the time it took to travel that (IE:50 seconds) Here's how to calculate it: You take the total distance and divide it by the time. So in our example, a car traveled 500 meters in 50 seconds, so the speed would be: 500 meters / 50 seconds = 500/50 = 10 meters / second. So the car would be traveling 10 meters per second. Happy calculating -jp

100 meters in 10 seconds equals how much speed?

10 meters per second 100/10=10

Who was travelling faster than the other a person who covered 10 meters in 5 seconds or the one who took 10 seconds to cover 20 meters?

Someone traveling 10 meters in 5 seconds is moving at the same speed as the one going 20 meters in 10 seconds.

Hits a speed of 50 m s after 5 seconds what is his rate of acceleration?

If he started out from "rest" (zero speed), then his average acceleration for the 5 seconds is50/5 = 10 meters per second2