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Q: After congruence transformation the area of a triangle would be?
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Complete this sentence after a congruence transformation the area of a triangle would be it was before?

This sentence can be complete as: After a congruence transformation the area of a triangle would be the same as it was before.

When After a congruence transformation the area of a triangle would be?

It would be left unchanged.

What is a congruence transformation?

A congruence transformation of a shape is one that does not alter the size (area) or the relative lengths and positions of the lines.Translations, rotations and reflections are all example of simple transformations which are congruent.

Can the area of a triangle be zero?

If the area was 0, there would be no triangle.

If the height of a triangle is doubled how does the area change?

The area of the triangle would double

How do find area triangle usibg functions?

You define a function with an return value. The return value would be the area of the triangle, and the parameters are the width/length and height of the triangle. Inside the function you would define how you would calculate the area, and then return the result.

A triangle or a square or a rectangle or a pentagon or a hexagon or an octagon or a circle has the least area and which has the maximum area if the perimeter of each is 44 cm?

Triangle-least area, circle- most area, per given perimeter . The circle would have an area of 154 square cm. the triangle could have an area of almost zero if it were a long, skinny triangle. An equilateral triangle would have an area approx 92.8 sq cm.

What would the base and height be if the area of a triangle is 400?

The area of a triangle does not provide enough information to answer the question. The triangle could be thin and tall or broad-based and short and have the same area.

What is the formula for area for a triangular prism without the height?

It is impossible to find the area of a triangle with no height, if the triangle had no height it would not even be a triangle, just a angle.

What is the area of a triangle that is 9cm and 18cm and 9cm?

Area = 0.5*base*height Note that the given dimensions would not form a triangle

What is the line called when you join 2 mid-points in a triangle?

It would be called the midsegment of the triangle. And when you have all the midpoints of the triangle joined, you would get the midsegment triangle. It is one fourth of the area of the actual triangle

A triangle has an area of 34cm squared If you double the base length and height of the triangle what will be the area of the triangle?

Doubling those two dimensions would quadruple the area. So new area = 4*34 cm2 = 136 cm2