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The most commonly used base is 10,

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Q: An abacus works based on powers of what number?
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How does a Chinese abacus work?

A Chinese abacus is called a Suan Pan. It works because it is based upon the decimal system, so the beads are used to count groups of ten.

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Chinese AbacusAbacus was invented by Chinese. But vedic mathematics is known to deal with equipment similar to abacus. Not withstanding anything Chinese abacus just an amazing piece of calculator that needs no power except mind power. The Chinese abacus actually sharpens your mind power and calculations can be done faster than a home computer of P 4 standard because it takes time to punch in the numbers manually into the computer. But abacus is just moving beads.Here is a nice free Chinese abacus that actually works on clicking on it. If you want to know how it works Just cut and paste this link in the address bar of browser. It is free and works. This is one working Chinese abacus ideally suited for school children and adults alike. try clicking on any bead and you will find the answer right under it in the box. I think it runs on java so download java to run the free Chinese abacus on your PC.

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