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Q: An example of consecutive odd numbers is 23 25 27 and 29. Find four consecutive odd numbers with a sum of 160 Show your work?
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Show consecutive odd numbers divisible by 4?

There aren't any odd numbers divisible by 4, much less consecutive ones.

Show that if we select 51 distinct numbers from 1 to 100 at least two are consecutive numbers.?

In 100 numbers you can select 50 all odd or 50 all even and there will be no consecutive pair. Picking another number must be of the opposite parity and so consecutive with one of your first 50.

What are cardinal ordinal and nominal numbers?

Ordinal numbers only show the order of something. For example, Mike came in second place.Nominal numbers are similar to numbers on a sports player's jersey. For example, Mike is number six.Cardinal numbers show quantity. For example, I dropped off five shirts to the laundromat.

How do you find consecutive integers on a number line?

The number line is set up so that integers are equally space. That is, the distance between two consecutive integers is, for example, 1 cm. (or some other convenient distance). Also, the numbers are usually labeled; you should therefore have no trouble finding them. If you have one integer, the next number (one more) is one unit to the right (at least, that's the standard way to show a number line).

Find a counter example to show that the following The sum of any two odd numbers is divisible by 4?

3+3=6 which is clearly not divisble by 4

Can you show me an example of numeric numbers?

The term numeric number is redundant. All numbers are numeric, since numeric means composed of numbers.

What ways can graphs be helpful in?

graphs can be helpful because you can create graphs and you can plot numbers on them. They help you find so many different things ! an example is if i have the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 you can plot these numbers on a graph. It can also show a change, or record something for a amount of time.

Show that 5 always divides evenly into the sum of any five consecutive counting numbers?

Chose any integer x. Five consecutive numbers: x, x+1, x+2, x+3, x+4 The sum of these numbers is 5x+10. Factoring: 5(x+2) You can always divide this evenly by 5, giving x+2.

Can you show me a example of an histogram graph?

A histogram is a bar chart that only uses numbers.

Find a counterexample to show that the conjecture is false?

if the qoutient of two numbers is positive, then both numbers must be a rectangle.

How do you find the mode when multiple numbers repeat?

Optimal Answer If there is no repeating numbers, then there is no mode, because there are no numbers that show up more than others.

What are three numbers that are between 2.02 and 2.2 and please show me an example?

2.03, 2.04, 2.05