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Q: Another way of writing h divide by 20?
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What is 20 dollars take away 16.20?

Another way of writing that is $20 - $16.20 which would equal $3.80

How do you figure out percent?

One way to figure percent is to multiply by the percentage and divide by 100. Another way is to convert the percentage to a decimal fraction and multiply. For example, 20 percent of 200 is 20/100 x 200 = 40, or .2 x 200 = 40.

What other ways can you write 20-s?

-s + 20 is one way but it is not clear what purpose is served by writing it in that way.

What is the least common multiple of 4 and 5 Another way to say this is?

20 Another way to say this is LCM(4,5) = 20

What is 20 divide by 20 equal?

20 divide by 20 equal = 1

What does divide out common factors mean?

It's a way to reduce fractions. If you wanted to reduce 20/24 and you knew that the GCF of 20 and 24 was 4, you would divide 20 and 24 by 4 and get 5 and 6. 20/24 = 5/6

How many 5 dollar bills are there in one hundred dollars?

You have to divide 5 into 100 therefore the answer would be 20

How many times does 66 go into 20?

If you need to work out how many times a number (x) goes into another (y), you divide y by x. Therefore you need to divide 20 by 66. 20/66 = 0.30303030303030 (recurring) times

What is another way of writing 20 over 100?

Other ways of writing 20/100 are:0.2, written in decimal formtwenty over on hundred, written in word form20:100, written as a ratio1/5, written as a fraction in simplest form20%, written as a percentage

How can you show your work when you divide 200 by 20?

There are many ways you can show your work when you divide 200 x 20. The easiest way to show your work is to use a pencil and paper. With the pencil record your work onto the paper.

How do you find 20 percent of 20?

Multiply .2 by 20. This should equal out to 4..2 is simply another way of writing 20%. When finding the percentage of something, you multiply the decimal equivalent of it by the number that you wish to find the percentage of.For example 10% of 50 is 5 (.1 x 50 = 5)

What is another way to say 20 miles per hour?

20 mph

What do you divide by if you want 20 percent in Excel?

To get 20% of anything you divide by 5. In Excel you could do it several ways. If the value you want to divide was in cell A1, then in another cell you could put the following formula: =A1/5 Alternatively you could put the 5 into another cell, like A2, and then refer to it in the formula as follows: =A1/A2

20 divided by wh at equals 7?


8000 nickels is how many dollars?

Divide the 8000 by 20, and you'll have your answer !

What is the simplest form of 20 divided by 27?


What do you do when you have to find out the mean of a numbers im math?

You add up all of the numbers. Then you divide by the amount of numbers you added. Another way to say find the mean is to find the average. Ex 20+10=30 30/2=15

How do you divide 20 equally?

These numbers divide 20 equally: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20.

What numbers divide evenly into 20?

1, 2, 4, 5, 10, and 20 divide evenly into 20.

Who all sang in you are the world?

Multiple of artiss and for those who can not read my hand writing heres another way to put this sentence lots of singers sang this song not just. 1. Not. Just 2 but 20 Ps this 20 is just a guess so pluse or minuse 1

What is the remainder when you divide 3417 by 20?

When you divide 3417 by 20, you will get 170 with a remainder of 17.

How many 50 dollar bills would it take to make 1000?

Divide 1000 by 50; the answer is 20.

What is another way to say 2000 lbs?

20 tons

What is another way to write 0.2?

One fifth or 20%.

What is another way to express 20 percent?

as the decimal, .2