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Application of definitApplication of definite Integral in the real life

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Q: Application of definite Integral in the real life?
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Application of definite Integral in the real life Give some?

What are the Applications of definite integrals in the real life?

Application of definite integral in real life?

Finding the area under a curve or the length of a line segment. These are real life uses, not just fun in your math class.

Application of definite Integral in the real life Give some examples from only real life in your?

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One of the major applications of indefinite integrals is to calculate definite integrals. If you can't find the indefinite integral (or "antiderivative") of a function, some sort of numerical method has to be used to calculate the definite integral. This might be seen as clumsy and inelegant, but it is often the only way to solve such a problem.Definite integrals, in turn, are used to calculate areas, volumes, work, and many other physical quantities that can be expressed as the area under a curve.

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