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No - however, all even numbers are divisible by 2.

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Q: Are all even numbers divisible by ten?
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Is ten even number?

Yes. Even numbers can be divisible by two.

Is 440 divisible by ten?

Yes because all numbers that end in zero are divisible by ten

The numbers divisible by 10 are?

All numbers are divisible by ten but if you are referring to numbers that are divisible by ten and produce a whole number, you are referring to multiples of 10 or any number ending in 0.

Are the numbers divisible by 5 are also divisible by 10?

no, some examples are 15, 25, 35 etc However, all numbers divisible by ten are divisible by five

Why all numbers that end in zero are divisible by ten?

because they just do

Is 202 divisible by ten?

No - numbers are only divisible exactly by ten - if they end in a zero !

What is the smallest number which is exactly divisible by all the numbers from 1-10?


What one digit numbers are divisible by ten?

No one-digit numbers are divisible by 10. 10 is divisible by 1, 2 and 5.

Are all numbers ending in 0 divisible by ten?

Any whole number whose last digit is a zero will be divisible by ten; the result is easily found by simply removing the zero in question.

What number from two to ten are divisible by 495?

None of the numbers in that range are divisible by 495. 495 is divisible by 3 and 5.

Which numbers are divisible by ten?

Every number with a 0 at the end of it

Is 25 a multiple of 10?

No. For one thing, 25 is an odd number (ends in 5). 10 is even, meaning is it divisible by 2. All even numbers are divisible by 2; all numbers divisible by 2 are even. 25 isn't one of them. So it is not a multiple of 10. For another, just try multiplying 10, the way you would count dimes or ten-dollar bills: 10, 20, 30...did you mention 25? 25 is two and a half tens.

What are four numbers divisible by two and three and five?

what is divisible by two,three,four,five and ten

The product of first ten prime numbers must be divisible by?


How many numbers between 20 to 50 are divisible by 3?

There are ten.

List of numbers divisible by 5?

All the numbers divisible by 5 are the numbers ending with the digit 5 or 0. The first ten examples are: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50

Which of the given numbers are divisible by 10?

Any number which ends in a 0 will be divisible by ten (except for 0 itself). For example; 10, 20, 30, 450, 1480, 4355942220 and 100 are all divisible by 10.

Which of the first ten prime numbers are even?

There is only one even prime number. It is the number two. All other even numbers are composite.

How many whole number factors that can be divisible forty-eight are there?

48 is divisible by ten factors. There is an infinite amount of numbers divisible by 48.

What is the smallest counting number divisible by the first ten composite numbers?


What numbers are divisible by 812?

2 , 4 and 7 if you are listing through ten

What percent of the numbers are not divisible by 5 or 10?

80%. Out of every ten numbers, one is divisible by 10, and that same one plus one moreare both divisible by 5. The remaining eight are divisible by neither 5 nor 10.

What numbers are divisible by 2 and 5?

10, 20, 30, 40, and so on. In other words, any multiple of ten (and only multiples of ten) are divisible by both 2 and 5.

Why is ten a even number?

Because 10 is divisible by 2 with no remainder

What is the numbers that you can divide by 6 and ten?

30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and all other multiples of 30 are divisible by 6 and 10