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Q: Are diagonals in regular pentagons and regular hexagons always longer than the length of the sides?
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What polygons are all the diagonals always longer than the sides?

squares,rectangles,regular pentagons

What is do regular pentagons and pentagons have in common?

All pentagons have five sides. When you see a five sided figure you will always know it's a pentagon.

Can a polygon be equilangular but not equilateral?

A polygon can be equilateral but not always equiangular. Some examples of this are rhomboids and other polygons like pentagons and hexagons.

Are two regular hexagons are sometimes always or new similar to each other?


What figure will always have congruent diagonals?

A regular polygon.

Are pentagons always regular?

Pentagons do not have to be regular. Elongating one side will skew two angles and make them non congruent with the other three, creating an irregular polygon.

Are two hexagon always similar to each other?

No. Two regular hexagons are always similar to each other, but two random hexagons are not necessarily similar.

Are two regular hexagons always congruent?

No, one regular hexagon could be larger than another regular hexagon.

How many diagonals in irregular quadrilaterals?

There are always 2 diagonals in any quadrilateral whether or not it is irregular or regular

What polygons always have congruent diagonals?

Regular polygons. A square and rectangle will have congruent (equal length) diagonals.

Are two regular pentagons always similar?

Yes they are. All ten angles are 54 degrees.

Why can't you use regular pentagons to tile an area?

Because There is always the little sliver that it doesnt cover

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