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Yes they are. All ten angles are 54 degrees.

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Q: Are two regular pentagons always similar?
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Are two congruent pentagons either always sometimes and never similar?

If they are congruent they must be similar.

Are pentagons always regular?

Pentagons do not have to be regular. Elongating one side will skew two angles and make them non congruent with the other three, creating an irregular polygon.

Are two regular polygons always similar?


Are pentagons congruent?

Some are some are not. Two regular pentagons with one equal side are congruent.

Are two hexagon always similar to each other?

No. Two regular hexagons are always similar to each other, but two random hexagons are not necessarily similar.

What are two regular pentagons?

Jasmine drew 2 pentagons Compare the 2 pentagons that Jasmine drew. Tell how they are alike, and identify three ways that they are different.

Are two regular hexagons are sometimes always or new similar to each other?


Does the lenght of a side of a regular polygon affect the sum of the interior angle measure?

If you draw two regular polygons, for example pentagons, of two different sizes, the length of the sides will vary between the two pentagons, but the angle between the sides of the pentagons will be the same, therefore the sum of the angles will not change.

What are 2 similar pentagons?

Two pentagons that have corresponding angles congruent. First equals the first, second equals the second and so forth.

Are two regular octagons always sometimes or never similar?

never ever ever

Are two obtuse triangles always similar?

Not always, sometimes two obtuse triangles are similar and sometimes they are not similar.

Must the corresponding angles of two similar regular polygons be equal?

All angle of two similar regular polygons must be equal.

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