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Q: Are fractions closed under subtration
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Are prime numbers closed under subtration?


Are sets of fractions closed under addition?


Are fractions closed under divion by nonzero elements?


Why are fractions closed under addition?

For a set to be closed under any operation, the result of the operation must also be a member of the set. The result of adding fractions is another fraction, thus it is closed under addition. Remember that 8/3, 8/4, 4/4, 2/1 are all fractions - they have a numerator and denominator separated by a line (at an oblique angle on the computer screen). Improper fractions are still fractions.

Is subtration commutative?


What are synonyms of subtration?


Are the sets of positive fractions closed for addition?


Are integers closed under division?

No. Integers are not closed under division because they consist of negative and positive whole numbers. NO FRACTIONS!No.For a set to be closed under an operation, the result of the operation on any members of the set must be a member of the set.When the integer one (1) is divided by the integer four (4) the result is not an integer (1/4 = 0.25) and so not member of the set; thus integers are not closed under division.

Are the set of positive fractions closed under division?

Yes, because for any x and y that are positive fractions (y not equal to zero), x/y is also a positive fraction. Note that whole numbers are considered fractions with denominators of 1 -- otherwise it doesn't work.

Is a rational number closed under addition?

No. A number cannot be closed under addition: only a set can be closed. The set of rational numbers is closed under addition.

What is closed and not-closed under addition?

The set of even numbers is closed under addition, the set of odd numbers is not.

How are fractions under addition?

In order to add or subtract fractions, they must have the same denominator.

When are complex numbers closed under addition?

Quite simply, they are closed under addition. No "when".

What are all the fractions under 1?


Is prouduct mean times multiplacation addition subtration?

The product is the answer to a multiplicationproblem.

What are the 4 sign in the math?

multiplication,addition,subtration,dividing, you twit

Why are odd integers closed under multiplication but not under addition?

The numbers are not closed under addition because whole numbers, even integers, and natural numbers are closed.

Are polynomial expressions closed under subtraction?

Yes they are closed under multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

Are rational numbers closed under subtraction?

Yes. They are closed under addition, subtraction, multiplication. The rational numbers WITHOUT ZERO are closed under division.

What is a set of rational numbers not closed under?

It is not closed under taking square (or other even) roots.

Is the collection of integers closed under subraction?

Yes, the set of integers is closed under subtraction.

Are set of fractions less than 1 closed under addition?

No. Take 7/8 + 1/4 for example. This is 9/8 or 1 1/8, which is not less than 1.

Are rational numbers closed under division multiplication addition or subtraction?

Rational numbers are closed under addition, subtraction, multiplication. They are not closed under division, since you can't divide by zero. However, rational numbers excluding the zero are closed under division.

ARe odd integers not closed under addition?

That is correct, the set is not closed.

Why is zero not closed under the operation of whole numbers?

A set can be closed or not closed, not an individual element, such as zero. Furthermore, closure depends on the operation under consideration.