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Both are subsets of the real numbers.

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Q: Are integers and rational numbers related to real numbers?
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How are rational numbers and integal numbers related to set of real numbers?

Both rational numbers and integers are subsets of the set of real numbers.

Why are venn diagrams used?

A.(Integers) (Rational numbers)B.(Rational numbers) (Integers)C.(Integers) (Rational numbers)D.(Rational numbers) (Real numbers)

Are some integers not rational numbers?

All integers are rational numbers. There are integers with an i behind them that are imaginary numbers. They are not real numbers but they are rational. The square root of 2 is irrational. It is real but irrational.

Is -3 a Real or rational or irrational or integer or whole or counting?

-3 is a real, rational, whole integer. But then, -- All integers are real rational whole numbers. -- All whole numbers are real rational integers. -- All rational numbers are real. -- All counting numbers are real, rational, whole integers.

Which of the following sets of numbers contains multiplicative inverses for all its elements Positive Integers Integers Rational Numbers Real Numbers?

Rational numbers and Real Numbers. The multiplicative inverses of integers are not integers.

What numbers can be integers rational and real number?

Every counting number, and the negative of it, are real, rational integers.

Why are numbers not rational?

Most numbers ARE rational. For instance all the integers and most real numbers are rational numbers. To be an irrational number a real number must be impossible to express as a ratio of integers.

What number does the number -1 belongs?

Integers, odd integers, negative integers, odd negative integers, rational numbers, negative rational numbers, real numbers, negative real numbers, square roots of 1, etc.

Are rational numbers an integer?

yes integers,wholenumbers, naturalnumbers, fractions are rational numbers and they are real

Is there rational numbers that are not integers?

Yes. any fraction or decimal is a rational number, not an integer.

All integers are aslo?

All integers are also whole numbers that are rational

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