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Q: Are integers closed under subtraction
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Related questions

Is the collection of integers closed under subraction?

Yes, the set of integers is closed under subtraction.

What do interger's allow you to do that whole numbers do not?

Integers are closed under subtraction, meaning that any subtraction problem with integers has a solution in the set of integers.

Is the set of integers that are multiple of 4 is closed under subtraction?


Which sets of numbers are closed under subtraction?

To be closed under an operation, when that operation is applied to two member of a set then the result must also be a member of the set. Thus the sets ℂ (Complex numbers), ℝ (Real Numbers), ℚ (Rational Numbers) and ℤ (integers) are closed under subtraction. ℤ+ (the positive integers), ℤ- (the negative integers) and ℕ (the natural numbers) are not closed under subtraction as subtraction can lead to a result which is not a member of the set.

Is the set of integers closed under subtraction?

yes, because an integer is a positive or negative, rational, whole number. when you subject integers, you still get a positive or negative, rational, whole number, which means that under the closure property of real numbers, the set of integers is closed under subtraction.

Which set is closed under the given operation 1 integers under division 2 negative integers under subtraction 3 odd integers under multiplication?

1 No. 2 No. 3 Yes.

Is the whole number closed under subtraction?

If you interpret "whole numbers" as "integers", then yes. If you interpret "whole numbers" as "non-negative integers", then no.

What is the set of whole numbers closed by?

If you mean the set of non-negative integers ("whole numbers" is a bit ambiguous in this sense), it is closed under addition and multiplication. If you mean "integers", the set is closed under addition, subtraction, multiplication.

What operations are closed for integers?

Addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Is the set of even integers closed under subtraction and division?

Subtraction: Yes. Division: No. 2/4 = is not an integer, let alone an even integer.

What does this mean Which set of these numbers is closed under subtraction?

It means whatever members of the set you subtract, the answer will still be a member of the set. For example, the set of positive integers is not closed under subtraction, since 3 - 8 = -5

Are polynomial expressions closed under subtraction?

Yes they are closed under multiplication, addition, and subtraction.